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More snapshots from Prague

Typical Czech river sailors? Nice legs. A boy and a girl A doggie date A small pride of cats A spaniel? (Update) Apparently a dachshund.

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Hanging Professor

A humorous sculpture in Prague. Many other photos of the same.

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The man who taught me how to use a camera.

My father Ted Volk. Taking photos out of an art museum window in Prague. Picking on an LSD-based lifeform in Prague. (Photo by Tatyana Volk)

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When in Prague, I was surprised that all but one of the fairly numerous beggars I saw were apparently able-bodied young men. These two were typical examples. I don’t know why they were out begging when others were not visible? … Continue reading

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Pigeons are everywhere in Prague.

So are the spikes designed to keep them off ledges and heads of sculptures. His hair is standing up on end at the very thought of having a flying rat land on the head.

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Camera solutions for travel

On my trip, I took a Canon 5D2 body with vertical grip attached. I couldn’t find the battery door at the last moment, so ended up with the extra weight and bulk. With the grip, the camera doesn’t hand as … Continue reading

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Leaving Prague.

Much as I like Prague, it’s time for me to go. Will be posting more travel photos as I get them edited. I got to see many interesting sights, go to a concert, stroll through museums and meet very nice … Continue reading

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