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Sig552 carbine with a Trijicon scope

The full amount of gear worn is enough to make a small 5.56mm rifle a desirable alternative to the 7.62 MBR — and this guy’s kit doesn’t even include armor!

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The mainstay of the Swiss infantry

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Recent fun and games.

Both days featured sunshine, rain, snow and hail mixed up randomly. The outfit looks goofy but was very comfortable and practical. Schmidt-Rubin stripper clips are goofier by far. Day one featured Sig550 and P210, Day two K31 and P210, including … Continue reading

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Steel target sweepstakes

My friend Brad at Challenge Targets is giving away one of his neatest targets, a stake clanger. As the picture below shows, it’s very simple and robust. Takes about a minute to assemble, and only a few seconds to install … Continue reading

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Take the Star Road

Peter Grant’s new book Take the Star Road is now available at Amazon. I read it when it was being edited and re-read it again when making the cover design. I recommend it, especially if you like the style of … Continue reading

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Using offset red dot sight

Just like this. Also works if the main optic gets damaged.

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Little girl and her chaperone

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Encouraging sights at the NRA convention.

The girl, at Savage Arms booth with her mother and older sister, was trying out a Stevens 512 over/under 12ga shotgun. The next generation was very much in evidence, and acquitted themselves very well.

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RFB in mid-cycle

No muzzle rise even while the bolt is still moving forward to chamber the next round.

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Sweet 16

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One of the office workers at Primary Arms

It’s nice to work with people who understand their own products. Muffs are MSA Pro-X, same as what I use at home. Looking into switching to Tactical Hearing Protection fitted plugs, like Chris Cheng. Got a molding of my ears … Continue reading

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Back from the NRA show.

Full report would take more time than I have, so I will start with a few photos. The same rifle with a rather nice 6x BDC scope.

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