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FN FS2000, Sig P210

Sometimes, all kinds of oddities turn up at the local gun store. They specialize in defensive guns. The people are knowledgeable — one owns a private museum of US military arms — and very helpful.

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A fashion dilemma

Pity most European countries allow only the first option to their subjects… PS: It’s not like certain parts of America are any better…looking at you, New York City!

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Happy dance

Carry solution found, Sig 225.

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Recent fun and games.

Both days featured sunshine, rain, snow and hail mixed up randomly. Alain Baeriswyl is an exceptionally good coach. Both the shooting course and the Minuteman training were informative, challenging, fun and lend themselves to further practice of the skills taught. … Continue reading

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Gunfire and wildflowers

Sig 522 with AAC Prodigy suppressor and a TruGlo red dot.

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