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Today at Rockcastle Bullpup Shoot

Just returned from a weekend at the awesome Rockcastle Shooting Center. The Bullpup Shoot was a great success, with interesting people, gorgeous vistas and well-organized ballistic activities. Detailed report coming this week, but for now my reaction: I’ve not had … Continue reading

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New Lucid optics

I use their red dot sight on a 458SOCOM AR. Recommended them to a colleague, then decided to see what’s new on the Lucid site. The red dot has been joined by a variable 2-5x magnifier for red dots and … Continue reading

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New on CTD: Smoothbore Suprises

Results of 20ga shotgun patterning.

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Time travel considerations.

Sprague DeCamp’s Lest Darkness Fall was first published in 1939. It was one of the first coherent time travel stories and quite well written. The author created a humorous,and informative tale of a history professor who ends up in 6th … Continue reading

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Peace, love and tight groups.

Saw Gibbs 1903-A4 sniper repro at the NRA show, watched the informative video review and decided I wanted to play with it. The rifle that showed up looks great, has very nice wood and comes with a really neat scope. … Continue reading

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Michael Z Williamson

MadMike | Spartan knives

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Beautiful for Bersa

Flatjack holster for Bersa 380, again by Dennis of Dragon Leather Works.

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Quoted on Voice of Russia

Recently, I responded to questions from a journalist writing for an English-language publication there. The article, Gun Controlling Your Children: a Family Affair just came out. Technically, it has several phrasing and factual errors but the overall tone and the … Continue reading

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Leader 50 finally enters productions.

Last week, I went to Micor Defense in Decatur, AL with Charles St.George and other colleagues. We test-fired the updated Leader 50 and looked at the first parts produced for the initial batch of rifles. We chronographed the gun, tried … Continue reading

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Stopped by an airsoft game at Bad Karma field.

Awesome location, nice people, wish I could have stayed the whole day. Bad Karma

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What kind of chicken is this?

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American response to TSA makes me proud.

No, not really.

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Meco holster and Boberg XR9-S

Boberg XR9-S “platinum” edition. It’s the most advanced pistol design out there, with a long barrel in a short slide, excellent trigger, great accuracy and minimal felt recoil. I am very much a fan. I mentioned Meco holsters before. 1 … Continue reading

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Light your target before lighting it up.

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Rotary magazine.

There’s something neat about rotary mags.

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Steyr SSG69 wallpaper


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Of all offensive legal and political concepts, permit to work has to be among the worst. It’s absence gives people the choice between begging and perishing. Hopefully, with the increased amount of work done on-line and across borders, the state’s … Continue reading

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Fun Gun.

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Armed with a gun she made.

Kaitlyn Lemmons is a 07 manufacturer. She made the semi-auto closed bolt PPSh42 that’s in her hands. I was very impressed by the quality of the weapons she produces. Diva Arsenal

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Ever wondered where all those Keltec rifles end up?

The zombies are hoarding them for the apocalypse. Preferred caliber is 300Blackout, of course. When the night of the living dead comes, they won’t have to stumble around hoping to snag a slow human. Why try to catch the brain … Continue reading

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