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Does it make my FAL look fat?

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Does this look heavy to you?

She doesn’t seem to have much trouble aiming the rifle with a scope and a 50rd drum. The rest of us might just need a few more minutes of daily exercise. I like Tennessee. I get to work with models … Continue reading

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M1A Squad Scout with a nice optic.

M1A Squad Scout with Nightforce 2.5-10x scope: short and handy for close quarters at 2.5x and enough reach at 10x for 600-700m tagging. Click for a wallpaper sized image.

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A dreaded assault pistol (by California law)

This 1910 Bergmann, a 6-shot 9mm pistol, is ruled a banned assault weapon by California regulations. Semi-automatic with magazine outside the grip is evil incarnate in the eyes of their lawmakers. That’s a pretty crazy, but then what isn’t about … Continue reading

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Device 06H

Experimental German rifle made in 1944, the first of the roller-lock delayed blowback designes that eventually became CETME and HK .308s. This one is in 7.92×33. It’s crude, simple and works well. Recoil is minimal, with two distinct stages. Sights … Continue reading

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Verifying zero.

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After the raid.

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Getting an upgrade.

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SU16 available in 300Blackout chambering.

300Blackout is very attractive for short range (which is where 99 point something percent of defensive uses happen). It throws twice the lead of the .223Rem at reasonable velocity (ballistics approximate 7.62×39 but bullet selection is better). While subsonics are … Continue reading

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Dragon Leather is famous

Dennis gets well-deserved  good TV coverage.

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A slim dagger.

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Another Benchmade, this time fixed blade.

From the same source as the folder.

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Benchmade axis lock folder

One of several photos I took today for G4P. Knife photos are very different from gun photos in terms of lighting, even though they are made of similar materials. Predictably, my favorite photo was made with 90mm tilt/shift lens — … Continue reading

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Where could I find replacement grips for a Nagant revolver?

I need a set of grips, preferably wooden, for a 1944 Nagant revolver. If you have a set for sale or an idea where I could find them, please let me know. Update: found and ordered a set. Thanks to … Continue reading

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Mystery gun muzzle.

Guess what kind of firearms this is.

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Home invader repellent.

If courts don’t stop no-knock home invasions, bullets and other means would have to. Given the extreme danger posed to lawful people by violent police invasions, it’s no wonder many households have moved from shotguns to rifles for defense. The … Continue reading

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Good, quick, cheap — pick any two.

Most .308 box magazines are relatively cheap, light, simple and hold 20 rounds. They work great for those who wear additional magazine pouches and have friends cover them during reloads. Drums are not cheap, weigh a little more and hold … Continue reading

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“Beyond Lies the Wub”

One of my favorite stories by Phillip K. Dick is now in the public domain: “Beyond Lies the Wub”.

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A models who is also a designer.

April just put up a new poster made from one of my photos of her. I like it.

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Springfield M1A wallpapers

M1A Scout Squad | Aimpoint Micro T1, Hunter | 50rd XS drum

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