Benchmade axis lock folder

One of several photos I took today for G4P. Knife photos are very different from gun photos in terms of lighting, even though they are made of similar materials. Predictably, my favorite photo was made with 90mm tilt/shift lens — I absolutely love it for tabletop work.

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4 Responses to Benchmade axis lock folder

  1. BLADE says:

    Very nice, I love it that you can see the serations in the 300 or so grit factory edge.

  2. You are most talented Mr. Volk. 🙂

    Miss Violet

  3. .454 says:

    I love Benchmade’s Axis Locks. Nice photo.

  4. Benchmade’s mini-griptilians (556) have always been a favorite of mine with quality features and steel at affordable prices. The opening mechanism and axis lock is an excellent combination of speed, smoothness, and security.

    Of course, your photo is an excellent representation of these elegant tools. The color of the stone in the background and the material itself is a great choice on many levels. It subtly conveys a solid strength without overwhelming the earthy color of the grip.

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