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Kel-tec SU16 fills the same niche as the original Colt AR15: a lightweight but capable rifle that can go anywhere and not unduly burden the person carrying it. With 18.5″ barrel, it weighs less than an M1 carbine or even … Continue reading

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Iron sights for the win!

Keltec SU16A is an excellent example of .223 “light rifle” with 18.5″ barrel and long sight radius. Tech Sight peep improves on factory with repeatable adjustments, sight radius extended to 18.75″ and two apertures for short/long range. With M855 (62gr) … Continue reading

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Crusader Weaponry .308 rifle

The opener shot for the upcoming article about this impressive rifle. The sight is Elcan Specter 1/4x. Battlecomp brake, Magpul stock and mag, Diamondhead sights.

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Benchmade axis lock folder

One of several photos I took today for G4P. Knife photos are very different from gun photos in terms of lighting, even though they are made of similar materials. Predictably, my favorite photo was made with 90mm tilt/shift lens — … Continue reading

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Various tints of khaki

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Color-matched weapons

It seems to me that companies making pink guns for adults are missing the larger point. Sure, some women who buy guns are also into pink accessories. But many more are after color-matched weapons and that could mean black, tan, … Continue reading

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“Teen rifle” by Doublestar

Standard A2 AR15 is much too long and heavy for many new shooters, especially teenagers and smaller-statured women. The wonderful modularity of AR rifles means all these problems can be addressed. I had this rifle built specifically for training newbies. … Continue reading

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