Color-matched weapons

It seems to me that companies making pink guns for adults are missing the larger point. Sure, some women who buy guns are also into pink accessories. But many more are after color-matched weapons and that could mean black, tan, blue or purple furniture, magazines and slings to match any outfit…or even hair color.

Doublestar lightweight carbine with their BUIS, Primary Arms 3x prismatic scope and micro red dot. Ace stock, Magpul sling and magazine with a Ranger plate. The hair color is all Red McCord‘s.

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6 Responses to Color-matched weapons

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  2. darkknight9 says:

    OH. MY. GAWD. She is insanely cute.

  3. AK™ says:

    I don’t see a gun anywh..oh there it is. Too busy looking at Red..

  4. Henry says:

    Beware! An arm’ed daughter of Lilith! (per RAH))

  5. Red says:

    thanks everyone! Oleg is a joy to work with.

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