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First focal plane option

For people who like FFP scopes for the ability to use a rangefinding reticle at any magnification, Primary Arms makes an inexpensive 4-14x. I took a photo of this one during the NRA show but I’ve actually used one for … Continue reading

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Anderson AR15 checks out

Mike Branson behind the rifle. I replaced the solid forend on the Anderson Mfg. 20″ rifle with a lighter ventilated Midewest Industries part. Today, I re-zeroed the rifle with the new Primary Arms 4-14x FFP scope.  All four shooters took … Continue reading

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New favorite rifle?

This has long been my favorite recreational rifle. With AAC Aviator suppressor on the long barrel, it’s very quiet. 4x Leupold scope allows pretty good aim from up close to about 100 yards. But it has one giant disadvantage for … Continue reading

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Details of yesterday’s AK74 clone

I got this for my friend as a set from MI. He brought it for me to see on the way back from the range, so the rifle is rather dusty.

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Going through the mail bag…red dot magnifier

One thing I love about travel is that I usually come back to a whole bunch of new toys in the mail. Put these together and you get a swing-out magnifier for red dot sights. Could be useful around the … Continue reading

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GSG522 gets scoped

When I took the 522 carbine to the range first, I had a (broken) red dot sight with it — predictably, the results didn’t look useful until I removed it and used iron sights. The gun comes with several front … Continue reading

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More photos of CMMG piston rifle

150rd drum, multi-reticle red dot, offset backup iron sights.

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Color-matched weapons

It seems to me that companies making pink guns for adults are missing the larger point. Sure, some women who buy guns are also into pink accessories. But many more are after color-matched weapons and that could mean black, tan, … Continue reading

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Another 9mm option: Just Right Carbine

JRC was ostensibly designed as a traines for AR15 users. The manual of arms is much too different for that, but it seems quite useable as low-recoil home defense guns and for those who like “cowboy logistics”, the commonality of … Continue reading

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Small form, big power: PLR16

PLR16 is a .223 pistol designed for short and medium range hunting and self-defense. For reactive shooting, it’s typically stabilized by pushing out against the sling. For longer range, use a bipod or some improvised support. 9.2″ barrel provides muzzle … Continue reading

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Ambidextrous rifle from Rainier Arms

Nice rifle, pity it isn’t mine. The Samson forend is quite small in circumference and very light thanks to careful skeletonizing. Magpul UBR stock, grip, sights and rail sling attachment. AXTS receiver has all controls duplicated left and right. Rainier … Continue reading

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Another way to set up Keltec RFB

1-4x illuminated scope gives the option of shooting with both eyes open at 1x and more deliberate, precise fire at 2-2.5x. I prefer to use 4x only when firing from supported positions. Given the scarce rail space left on the … Continue reading

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A very girly gun.

It’s not pink. It’s black and so go with every outfit. Collapsible stock, low-recoil 5.45 caliber, sensuous long-stroke gas piston operation. All it’s missing is the sling. Romanian AK74 clone with Primary Arms red dot on a Midwest Industries rail.

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BAZ45 in action

Three empties in the frame, four in the air. This carbine has next to no recoil. BAZ45

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