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Details of yesterday’s AK74 clone

I got this for my friend as a set from MI. He brought it for me to see on the way back from the range, so the rifle is rather dusty.

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Another 9mm option: Just Right Carbine

JRC was ostensibly designed as a traines for AR15 users. The manual of arms is much too different for that, but it seems quite useable as low-recoil home defense guns and for those who like “cowboy logistics”, the commonality of … Continue reading

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Question from a teenager

Brookie’s Mean Green AR15 is in 6.8mm. She is pretty good with it.

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Small form, big power: PLR16

PLR16 is a .223 pistol designed for short and medium range hunting and self-defense. For reactive shooting, it’s typically stabilized by pushing out against the sling. For longer range, use a bipod or some improvised support. 9.2″ barrel provides muzzle … Continue reading

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A very girly gun.

It’s not pink. It’s black and so go with every outfit. Collapsible stock, low-recoil 5.45 caliber, sensuous long-stroke gas piston operation. All it’s missing is the sling. Romanian AK74 clone with Primary Arms red dot on a Midwest Industries rail.

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