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Safety first

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Glock 19 with a flourish

From Fighting Sheepdog. Combination Cerakote and KG Gunkote.

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Why not both?

I keep seeing comments along the lines of: “Instead of telling women to carry guns, teach men not to rape.” Why should the two measures be exclusive of each other? The same applies to self-defense at home: 911 on the … Continue reading

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Roni “Civilian” carbine: new on AllOutdoor

Pistol-carbine for self-defense and sport shooting

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Threaded Glock factory barrels for sale again

Last December, I posted about a batch of Glock 17 factory barrels threaded by a friend. They sold out, and now he’s making more available. I’ve used the one I got from him extensively and it has worked like every … Continue reading

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A good role model for adults

At age 8, this young man can shoot Glock 17¬†(9mm) competently and safely. With this kind of examples in front of them, adults who are apprehensive about firearms might just realize that they aren’t difficult to operate properly. It might … Continue reading

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“Hey, I carry one just like it!”

A big advantage of working with competent models is that they can be asked to do a task instead of being directed, minute degree at a time, into a position which mimics doing the task. For example: “Please point the … Continue reading

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Maturity isn’t just a function of age.

Sydney is a competitive shooter. I’d rather have her around than many chronologically adult people who haven’t a fraction of her maturity, education and ability. Of course, there are times when she acts like the 14 year old that she … Continue reading

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Forget guns, just learn karate! Right?

One of the most famous martial arts, karate, evolved on Japanese-occupied Okinawa. While the current sport version concentrates on the empty hand style, the original used a variety of improvised weapons. They weren’t as good as swords or spears, but … Continue reading

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Pistol bayonet revived

Pistol bayonets date back to at least the 17th century and as recently as WW1. Useful or silly, they make great gag gift and definitely turn heads at the range.   And, of course, the zombie edition.  

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Visible bullet trace

Student in Condition 1 carry course fires a Glock 23 at the range. Bullet trace is visible. I recently attended one of their sessions and found both classroom and range portions very informative.

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Pretty is as pretty does

When I first saw this holster, I wondered why anyone would make a pretty holster for a completely utilitarian Glock.Then I got to shoot a new Gen.4 G19 at the range and the accuracy was enough to remind me. Reliable, … Continue reading

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Why is our capital less free than the rest of the country?

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You can’t ride like that!

These two are well equipped for the the less common human road hazards, but they are missing leather and helmets for the more usual perils. It takes both — and good judgment — to be safe.

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Custom Dragon Leather holster

I posted photos of a custom PMR30 holster earlier this year. Now Dennis came out of a Glock variant of it. This design works especially well for women, keeping the pistol grip out of the way of elbows and ribs.

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Nashville-based pistol training

My friend Justin has trained new shooters for a long time. His interest and proficiency with firearms predate his police work by several years. This year, he is offering more formal training through Condition One. In particular, the pistol course … Continue reading

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New Facebook “Like” button

Cute shirt from Endo Apparel. Hat tip to Sayuncle.

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Another 9mm option: Just Right Carbine

JRC was ostensibly designed as a traines for AR15 users. The manual of arms is much too different for that, but it seems quite useable as low-recoil home defense guns and for those who like “cowboy logistics”, the commonality of … Continue reading

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Her quiet companion

Glock 17, AAC Evolution 9 suppressor, Insight light/laser

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Simple and functional.

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