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Safety first

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Glock 19 with a flourish

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Why not both?

And, while not for defense, American Eagle Synthech 115gr polymer -coated ball is pretty good ammo. With higher velocity produced by the carbine barrel, reduced friction relative to copper jacket is a plus.

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Roni “Civilian” carbine: new on AllOutdoor

Pistol-carbine for self-defense and sport shooting

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Threaded Glock factory barrels for sale again

Last December, I posted about a batch of Glock 17 factory barrels threaded by a friend. They sold out, and now he’s making more available. I’ve used the one I got from him extensively and it has worked like every … Continue reading

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A good role model for adults

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“Hey, I carry one just like it!”

So, when I pick a pistol and the model recognizes it as the kind she carries back home, that makes for a more productive photo shoot. The laser trace would look like this once the first shot is fired and the … Continue reading

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Maturity isn’t just a function of age.

Of course, there are times when she acts like the 14 year old that she is. “More ammo please, Mom!” Then again, she’s getting more and more sponsors, so that particular bottleneck might get addressed before too much longer.  

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Forget guns, just learn karate! Right?

One of the most famous martial arts, karate, evolved on Japanese-occupied Okinawa. While the current sport version concentrates on the empty hand style, the original used a variety of improvised weapons. They weren’t as good as swords or spears, but … Continue reading

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Pistol bayonet revived


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Visible bullet trace

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Pretty is as pretty does

The holster holds the gun flat to the side, and the quality of work is pretty impressive. The leather isn’t fully boned but holds the shape well enough for one-handed re-holstering. The tooling is subdued enough not to come across … Continue reading

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Why is our capital less free than the rest of the country?

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You can’t ride like that!

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Custom Dragon Leather holster

I posted photos of a custom PMR30 holster earlier this year. Now Dennis came out of a Glock variant of it. This design works especially well for women, keeping the pistol grip out of the way of elbows and ribs.

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Nashville-based pistol training

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New Facebook “Like” button

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Another 9mm option: Just Right Carbine

Top photo shows it in “muddy girl” pattern with YHM folding sights and Viridian X5L light/laser. Center and bottom photos in desert digital camo, with Midwest Industries folding sights and Primary Arms micro red dot on an American Defense QD … Continue reading

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Her quiet companion

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Simple and functional.

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