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“I just want my M14!”

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Forget guns, just learn karate! Right?

One of the most famous martial arts, karate, evolved on Japanese-occupied Okinawa. While the current sport version concentrates on the empty hand style, the original used a variety of improvised weapons. They weren’t as good as swords or spears, but … Continue reading

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Rogue bullpup

M1A action in a Rogue stock, Nightforce 5.5-22x scope, L3 MRDS backup optic. Shorter version without the scope.

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Triple weapon light

Javelin J600W light, pretty bright.

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FPS Russia

FPS Russia with his M1A-based Rogue bullpup. Skeletonized XS drum shows its internal details. Seen at Rockastle Bullpup Shoot.

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Does this look heavy to you?

She doesn’t seem to have much trouble aiming the rifle with a scope and a 50rd drum. The rest of us might just need a few more minutes of daily exercise. I like Tennessee. I get to work with models … Continue reading

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Springfield M1A wallpapers

M1A Scout Squad | Aimpoint Micro T1, Hunter | 50rd XS drum

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