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Making the decision to defend yourself.

Imagine a mosquito landed on your arm. Would you swat it? Simple socialist logic suggests that you should let it be. After all, all biting mosquitoes are single mothers who need your blood to complete their reproductive cycle. Moreover, the … Continue reading

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Mordor of the Midwest

On the way to the NRA convention, my friend Dennis and I wound up cutting through about twelve miles of Illinois territory and went through the main street of Cairo. The entire town looked like this or worse. The only … Continue reading

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Another girly gun

The rest of that pistol was perfect. Tirzah is 5’2″ and has tiny hands — Eletra fits her just fine. And we can actually afford to plink with 9mm. The frame is all steel, so the recoil is very moderate. … Continue reading

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The zombie-maker

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Time travel? Nazi personnel shows up in the US.

TSA troops now accosting people at locations other than airports, giving the lie to the advice to “avoid flying if you don’t want to be molested”. What is the difference between this and  this? American airports already resemble this scene: … Continue reading

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Slower on her feet, no slower on the draw.

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