Time travel? Nazi personnel shows up in the US.

TSA troops now accosting people at locations other than airports, giving the lie to the advice to “avoid flying if you don’t want to be molested”. What is the difference between this

and  this?

German troops search a Jew for weapons

American airports already resemble this scene:

Jews in Warsaw ghetto await a frisk for weapons

And just in case you are wondering, I had a chance to look closely into the airport scanner specifications. They have higher resolution that my 21MP camera, which isn’t at all surprising considering scanning devices usually out-resolve instant-capture imagers.

Unfortunately, historic precedent suggests that such abuses don’t usually end until the country in question is conquered by outside forces. Domestic resistance is possible but it’s most likely exactly what TSA wants to provoke to justify further ratcheting up of the leg irons.

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10 Responses to Time travel? Nazi personnel shows up in the US.

  1. coldservings says:

    I guess blue is the new brown.

  2. PT says:

    So what would they do with me openly carrying my XD? Its perfectly legal at a bus stop.

  3. Bob McPeak says:

    I weep over what our country has become.

  4. bigfatdave says:

    I knew there was a reason I ordered those pepper blasters. It is bad enough that I have to deal with these clowns at fixed locations, if I encounter them in non-airport places they’re in for a very non-cooperative surprise.

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  6. KP says:

    Since it’s the Transportation Security Administration I guess that means they can get involved in any kind of transportation they want without warrant etc. What stops them from stopping you in your car, on your bike, or walking down the street. All are forms of transportation aren’t they?

  7. tbone says:

    I guess ill jus have to eat gassy foods more often now so they will get a nose full

  8. Rivrdog says:

    In the Volksrepublik of Portland, the transit authority canned a decently-trained and performing private security service that had been protecting the suburban light-rail lines, and engaged the TSA to do the same job at the point when they opened the third line for service two years ago.

    Uncle Sugar paid the difference between the $11/hr Wackenhut Fare Inspectors and the $15-20/hr TSA goons, supposedly. As a result of the TSA’s work, there was a huge spike in transit-related crime, when ended when the Police, not the TSA, addressed the problem.

    Then the TSA just faded away, and now there are NO guards riding the trains. As a result, I’ve forbidden the gudwife, who does not drive, to use the MAX Rail after 6pm.

    A few inquiries by free-lance press was unable to find ANY documentation of the request to TSA. They apparently just showed up and Wackenhut got it’s contract terminated. There’s no paper trail that anyone can find, and the TriMet (transit) brass hats refuse interviews on the subject, so unless any sort of lawsuit develops which requires sworn depositions, we’ll never know how the wannabe Feddle Perlice ever got involved with our Transit. I’ll bet Ray LaHood knows, but he isn’t forthcoming with the facts, either.

  9. Rickster says:

    Our founding fathers would be wondering why the heck we are not all openly revolting against our own country at this point…so why aren’t we?

  10. Stu Mulne says:



    It seems that the TSA and Homeland Security are becoming the new SA or SS or whatever….

    Not to mention Zero’s avowed intent to create some kind of Police Force with similar equipment and training to our Military….

    Most of the security they’re providing is just theater, too….

    Angry old man with guns and bibles….


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