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A lie can travel halfway around the world while the truth is still putting on its shoes.

Mark Twain was right. The current gun control push is fueled by conducting a false flag operation (which Fast and Furious was and the school shootings may be), then quickly making many false claims about guns, medical privacy, freedom of … Continue reading

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A good fight in a bad cause.

Watching TSA, DEA, FDA and the rest of the alphabet soup agencies gear up their own little armies brings this picture to mind. Not the trained, well-fed and utterly self-serving bureaucrats who do evil for a paycheck, but the naive … Continue reading

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The enemy is here. Roadblocks in Tennessee.

Looks like our domestic Gestapo-wannabes have arrived. Not sure how they can be dislodged short of a war. This is most disappointing, for America and for Tennessee in particular. I suspect the total push-back of the whole state population of … Continue reading

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Movie review: Army of Crime

Army of Crime Plot: 9 Acting: 10 Music: 9 SFX: 8 A very good depiction of the problems faced by civilians who want to survive and fight back against domestic and foreign oppression. Better than most films on this topic.

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Time travel? Nazi personnel shows up in the US.

TSA troops now accosting people at locations other than airports, giving the lie to the advice to “avoid flying if you don’t want to be molested”. What is the difference between this and  this? American airports already resemble this scene: … Continue reading

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Sometimes the underdog wins.

If we fight, we would likely lose For the foes are strong today But no matter how bad the odds A chance of success remains If we don’t fight but submit Trusting promises, bowing to threats No chance remains anymore … Continue reading

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