The enemy is here. Roadblocks in Tennessee.

Looks like our domestic Gestapo-wannabes have arrived. Not sure how they can be dislodged short of a war. This is most disappointing, for America and for Tennessee in particular.

I suspect the total push-back of the whole state population of over 6 million will be minimal. Everyone has too much to lose. Ironically, had terrorists actually existed in Tennessee, these TSA teams would have become sitting ducks. But they are picking purely on the peaceable people who aren’t going to resist.

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52 Responses to The enemy is here. Roadblocks in Tennessee.

  1. Scott J says:

    WTF?! What happens if you refuse the search?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not sure, my guess you get killed resisting arrest…or they just waive you on your way and wish you a good day. The second sounds less likely as we aren’t in America I knew anymore.

      • Scott J says:

        Need to find a lawyer to work pro bono to challenge the Constitutionality of whatever happens other than wave through when the search is refused.

  2. perlhaqr says:

    Oh, fuck a lot of that right in the ear. Goddamn chekists.

  3. Montieth says:

    Do you have a warrant? No? Am I free to go? No? I consent to no search. Am I free to go? No? I consent to no search. I will not answer any questions without a lawyer. Am I free to go?

    • speechless says:


    • Jimmy the Saint says:

      Does the Fed have a warrant? Why yes, yes he does. He’s got a nice, neat John Doe warrant right here, thank you for asking and for volunteering for both a cavity search of your person and a Terry search of your vehicle. You can pick up the parts next week.

      Likely result, unfortunately.

  4. perspicuity says:

    there are a few videos i’ve seen on youtube of these checkpoints in AZ, and a very uppity guy that says “no, you may not have that information or search me, may i go?”

    after several go arounds, as this “enforcement corridor” is his daily commute, they know him by name, and stop him anyway. that’s harrassment. he has law suits pending last i read.

  5. Oleg, thinking about going back?:)

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Not yet. I think this is the last line of trenches. Might have to warm up some brass. But first, warm up lawyers and printing presses. I am very much not eager to fight anybody for any reason, nor do I have the expertise.

      • Lyle says:

        They are spoiling for a fight. They want a fight. That’ll give them the rationalization they need to do a lot more of this sort of thing. So you can think of it as a pilot program and as easy bait at the same time.

        I tend to think of them as cruising for a bruising but that’s just my personal slant.

        The problem with communists, Fascists, Progressives, Jihadists, et al, is that no matter how things play out, eventually you have to start killing them. They don’t give you any other choice simply because they can never leave you alone.

        They can’t leave you alone because a free people, or even a free person, will make them look like the pathetic loser/criminals they are.

        It’s just a matter of the timing. The point you start killing them may be the point at which they have won, being as their goal is to force us all to live like broken beasts.

        • anon says:

          “communists, Fascists, Progressives, Jihadists, et al,”

          I see what you did there. Very clever, Mr. Lyle

          • Lyle says:

            Yes, I grouped some of the more notorious anti-liberty movements together. If that’s clever, I suppose it’s also clever to group Red Delicious and McIntosh together, both being apple varieties, or heads and tails, being two sides of the same coin.

  6. Bob says:

    It would be interesting to see what would happen if one of these TSA “professionals” groped the privates of one of those big, burley drivers that was in no mood for a gropin’…

  7. Freiheit says:

    Most people will wave this off as “oh its just weigh stations and bus stations”. Where does it stop? It used to be just airports. Then sporting events.

    Has anyone made a checklist or “words to say” thing for this? If I’m stopped at a TSA checkpoint that isn’t manned by real cops what do I do?

    At this point its refuse the search and ask if I can go. If they say no then ask why I’m being detained. I have no idea.

  8. James says:

    This sounds perfect for a Constitutional challenge, citing Dred_Scott_v._Sandford as it was firmly established as existing law that one of the rights of a citizen was to travel freely without pass or permit (which was why they didn’t want to consider free blacks to be citizens), if EVERY method of travel requires putting up with government harassment, that right is lost.

    • Scott J says:

      Hence my suggestion of lining up some pro bono legal aid. There has to be a case around which the challenge will revolve. That takes someone refusing to submit.

      Said person has to be ready for the crapstorm that will bring. You can pretty much write your employment at any major corporation off if you are the central actor in such a case.

      • Mr Evilwrench says:

        The courts seem to be programmed these days to throw the cases out, saying you “have no standing”.

        • JSW says:

          “…The courts seem to be programmed these days to throw the cases out, saying you “have no standing”…”
          So what? Overload the damn court system so all they have to do is try cases of those whose First, Second. Fourth and Ninth Amendments have been offended.
          Then when they throw them out, challenge them again and agian until they understand we’re NOT going away just because of their wishful thinking.
          Then if that doesn’t work, go to the Third Box and work it from there.

          • Jimmy the Saint says:

            Try that more than once and both you and your lawyer will become very familiar with Rule 11 Sanctions. Federal courts tolerate a lot less gamesmanship than do state courts.

    • MicroBalrog says:

      You’ve given that up ocne you agreed to driver’s licensing.

      • Jersey Dave says:

        Not really, and passengers didn’t either. Sounds like an attempt to bring back the Medieval days and tie people to the land, restrict travel and sharing of information.

      • JSW says:

        Private property is private property- you haven’t ‘earned’ a license or recieve a ‘privilege’ when you pay your hard earned dollars for it, no matter what the system claims. And just because you’re in a mobile box does not mean you’ve surrendered your personal domain, either.

  9. BobG says:

    Does anyone else think this sounds like a pilot program to test the waters for more intrusive measures in the future?

  10. Ryan says:

    Bob, they have SAID it’s a pilot program to test the waters.

    I drive a historic Military Truck. I am sure as heck NOT submitting to a back scatter scan and I am sure as heck not submitting to a search voluntarily.

    Hmm, I REALLY need to find a good PVR or two don’t I….

    • Bryan S. says:

      I doubt you will have the option of passing on the scan. I doubt it will be advertised.

      When this comes to PA, I will be legally open carrying, and there will be nothing they can do about it other than violate my rights and make for a good lawsuit and constitutional challenge. Most ‘right thinking’ Pennsylvanians will disagree with a solid “Baaaaa… Saaaaftey….. Secuuuuuuuuriityyyyy”.

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  12. Curlywolf says:

    This is rapidly approaching “yer either with us, or agin us” and damn near to the “shoot first, let the chips fall where they may” point. It’s disintegrating faster than I thought possible. This is not making me happy.

  13. anon says:

    The obvious solution is to privatize the roads.

    Then arguments about constitutional rights will not be applicable. You can (and will) agree to waive your rights in exchange for passage on the privatized toll road to serfdom.

    For example, when the town of Silver Springs, Maryland was privatized 4 years ago, Peterson Companies prohibited photography in public spaces. While there were some troublemakers who thought that the rules of the contract didn’t apply to them, there wasn’t much outrage from libertarians. Even Reason magazine — which has reported extensively on the “war on photography” — didn’t think their readers needed to know about the photography ban in privatized Silver Springs. Ditto the war on lemonade stands.

    Travelers who don’t want to be subject to such invasive searches will be free to choose to travel on those freedom-loving privatized roads where such searches are not conducted.

    Privatize the roads, and let the market choose how much fascism we will tolerate…

  14. camtec says:


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  16. NPVIRR says:

    Tam’s recent observations on driving through east-vs-west Tennessee explain why the TSA-theater started there.

  17. TPaine says:

    It ain’t no freakin’ “weigh station!” It ain’t no freakin’ DUI checkpoint! It is an armed police checkpoint, with TSA and military intervention included. It is true police state, and you can’t sugar-coat it with nuthin’! VIPR has been coming, and this is it, folks! No “probable cause” needed – they will stop everyone as a “national security” excuse.

    And Lyle is right – the only way to stop this is to start shooting them. They will NOT stop pushing, and someone has to take the first step. It would be nice if they did, but how long before that happens?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Shooting requires proximity and could get unhealthy. Even third-world savages have figured out IEDs, but I suspect that the use of those would bring lots more feds in. And hunting the culprits on their days off would just bring out face masks such as used by South American enforcers. No really good solutions if the courts don’t slap this down for us.

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  19. Kristopher says:



    The first thing you need to do is hound out of office the state level retards who are enabling this.

    Note that they have state cops along with them to do the actual vehicle stops. The TSA does not have the power to do this, but state cops can make the initial stop.

  20. millerized says:

    Can’t wait til they try that in Inwood…..going to be an interesting day…yes it is.

  21. claude says:

    hmmm, outfitting your private carriage with multiple cameras passing the miscreants images via wifi to storage elsewhere “for future needs”, and a current lineup to add personal data might be valuable in the event of singular encounters

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  23. Windy says:


    When does the line get crossed?
    When is enough, enough?
    Somebody has to be Ike Clanton with Wyatt’s gun at his head……(colorful I know), but who wants to jump first.

    I can’t afford a lawsuit………….even if I am right.

    There really isn’t anywhere to run……… if you ARE the one to stand up first…..where ya’ gonna go and WHO will help you.

    Ahhh yes……… IS cheap, isn’t it?

    This isn’t 1775 and there isn’t any place to wait things out…….these .gov guys are collecting their “rice bowl”. Most, imho, aren’t about being NAZIS’ , they’re about a paycheck.

    I’m not afraid of anything, including dying; but dying for nothing IS a waste. This country is FAR away from civil war or any type of “revolt”. There aren’t enough hungry people out there, ( or any other group for that matter), who are ready and willing to fight for an unclear objective.

    Secession and breakup makes a great deal of sense, what with the huge divides in the way we all think, but armed ANYTHING is only a waste of a good life.

    I’m a combat vet. I’ve seen death. We ain’t there………save your bullets, deny them the search and be on your way.


    You’ll know when. 😉

  24. Yank lll says:

    This isnt so much a problem of an out of control govt as much as it is your “fellow” citizens who refuse to do their illegal bidding.. they are your neighbors. They call them QUISLINGS and they willingly violate our rights..

  25. Rabbit says:

    Shooting them certainly wouldn’t send the same message as ‘disappearing’ them.

    Sorry, my ‘inner sociopath’ leaks out a little in the evenings. I’m just thinking back to what became of lone Russian sentries, alone, guarding the runways and perimeter of Bagram Airport in the early days of the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan.

    Does anyone else hear “The March of Cambreadth”, or is it just me..

  26. bob 2 says:

    Google David Burgert.

    Find the TSA. Stop selling them food and deny them service. Outside of the airports ostracize them in their communities as the Nazi’s and storm troopers they are.

    learn to dig tunnels.

    • anon says:

      “Find the TSA. Stop selling them food and deny them service. Outside of the airports ostracize them in their communities as the Nazi’s and storm troopers they are.”

      Are you willing to do the same for your local police?

      Let us know how that works out the next time you call a cop a Nazi.

  27. Mark Matis says:

    Or send them a cocktail through their bedroom window at 2 AM. After all, that IS their own ROE. And it won’t wake up the neighbors before you leave the area.

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  30. Weston says:

    Its quite obviously unconstitutional, and once a lawsuit is brought, the state will hopefully lose. If it is random, by definition there is no probable cause, nor a warrant (because a warrant must be descriptive and specific), and therefore, a clear violation of the 4th Amendment.

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