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New on AllOutdoor: Boberg Arms XR45

Full-size performance in a sub-compact.

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Producing a 2015 photo calendar?

Would any of my blog readers know how to produce and distribute a picture calendar? I’d like to use my RKBA images for that but don’t have the spare time to see the project to completion.

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Today is the 25th anniversary of my family coming to America

On this day in 1989, I flew to New York from Rome (which was a waypoint on the way from the USSR). Today, I flew back Rome to celebrate the anniversary with my parents who discovered America for me. My … Continue reading

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Behind the scenes

The result looks a lot like this. (Photo by Heather Cernik)

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Alexandria behind the gun

M98K Mauser carbine, Walther P38 pistol. As usual, don’t pull a trigger on live ammo without eye and ear protection…unless fighting for your life.

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21st Century holster for 19th Century gun

My friend Linoge has a factory chromed 1896 model Mauser. The gun itself was made in the early 20th century, but the design predates the Second Boer War! He made a modern carry holster and clip carrier for it. As … Continue reading

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The very definition of “custom” holster

“Custom” means made to customer’s specifications, with feature’s just as requested. This atypical Dragon Leatherworks holster shows why people choose individually designed products. The gun it contains, by the way, launches entirely serious .452″ projectiles.

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A very serious gentleman

He’s happy to see you…and it is an M1917 revolver with a full clip of 45ACP in the cylinder. And yes, it comes with a loading/unloading tool.

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VOIP options for Europe?

Google discontinued 3rd party apps support for VOIP apps on 5/15 and their Hangout won’t provide VOIP on Android for now. What do people use abroad, esp. on Android for calling US not through their cellular voice connection?

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Mixed couple

Mini14 and AR in one family…that’s crazier than Romeo and Juliet or Windows and Mac…must be true love! (Could be worse. AR and AK in incompatible calibers…)

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Tactical like a polar bear

This lawyer lady has some nifty rifles. I bet this one works well in the snow. FS2000 with Gemtech G5 and Aimpoint sight.

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Amie just posted the first part of her book.

The Gods Defense examines legal issues — and much more — in a world with magic. I read the story last year and plan to re-read as she posts it in installments. I recommend it.

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Dissimilar moods

Somber… And much less somber…

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Forget guns, just learn karate! Right?

One of the most famous martial arts, karate, evolved on Japanese-occupied Okinawa. While the current sport version concentrates on the empty hand style, the original used a variety of improvised weapons. They weren’t as good as swords or spears, but … Continue reading

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A 75-count can of whoopass.

The usual: AK47 clone with Aimpoint micro on an Ultimak rail. Still works. The shooter is a professor of Renaissance literature and a professional MMA fighter in real life.

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Updating old guns to accept optics

TWS and Ultimak rails for AK, Mini-14, M1A, M1 carbine, Garand, Saiga and others.

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Good 22LR ammunition available for sale Info from In my experience, it’s nearly match accurate.

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A very enduring design.

The first Sharps rifle, a percussion design, dates back to 1848s. Shiloh Sharps makes reproductions of the 1874 cartridge design. Most are equipped with tang vernier sights graduated to compensate for the steep drop of 45-70 bullets. These rifles are … Continue reading

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To nobody’s surprise, this was one of the most common brands at Boomershoot. Leupold and Vortex also showed up often.

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