VOIP options for Europe?

Google discontinued 3rd party apps support for VOIP apps on 5/15 and their Hangout won’t provide VOIP on Android for now. What do people use abroad, esp. on Android for calling US not through their cellular voice connection?

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  1. John Bernard Books says:

    Skype. I use it to talk to Europe and South America.

  2. jfw says:

    onesuite at the eponymous web site

  3. Pegmonkey says:

    I’ve been using this.. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.gvoip&hl=en It won’t work with GV, but they do offer another service ring.to I’ve been playing around with it. It seems to work as well as any other voip/sip solution I’ve researched… other than setting up your own asterisk server.

  4. Pegmonkey says:

    Here’s info on ring.to ring.to is actually a url. You can get a new number or port a number. https://ring.to/groove/

  5. Bruce MacLean says:

    I’ve been using VoIP.ms for about a year. Most calls worldwide cost about $0.15 per minute (you have to watch out, a couple of area codes in the UK and Europe are more expensive because of the operator’s charges – cell phone systems). I run it on my laptop using jitsi as the client and through an ATA at home. I can also use it through my iPad but I haven’t found a free client that lets me receive calls, and I’m cheap.

    • Bruce MacLean says:

      Sorry, that is $0.015 a minute, not fifteen cents. Even calls from N.A. to China.

  6. staghounds says:

    I get a text package- $50 for 500 from AT&T. Otherwise I use my computer and skype, there’s free wireless almost everywhere.

  7. Carl Stevenson says:

    Skype always worked well for me from anywhere in the world with even a half-assed Internet connection.

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