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Vulturing as a political ideology.

“С туши одного миллионера могут наесться множество пролетариев.” “Many proles can feed off one millionaire’s corpse.” Watching the current Democrat promises, I’ve realized they are a party of scavengers who don’t content themselves with waiting for their prey to die … Continue reading

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Sterling type 2 semi-auto carbine

This is one of the few semi-auto arms I like as much as the select-fire original. It’s longer barrel (16″ vs. 10″) gives it a longer sight radius, and the two-flip aperture is more familiar than the quaint diffusion disk … Continue reading

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“Home Defense” isn’t about homes.

Back cover for the new on-line Home Defense magazine. It’s another project of Delta Media, along with the United States Concealed Carry Association. Rifles shown: (left) left-hand Rock River AR15 with X5L light/laser and DSA FAL with a heavy barrel. … Continue reading

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Steyr C9-A1

Way back in 2002 or so, I tried a Steyr M9. I liked the trigger, the thin comfortable grip and the lack of recoil, wasn’t sure about the sights and really did not care for the safety lever placement. Ten … Continue reading

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Girl looking for an apartment in Nashville.

One of my favorite Knoxville models is considering a move to Nashville. Does anyone need a roommate or know of a small apartment available?

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Bersa Thunder 9

Had a chance to shoot this 17-shot 9mm pistol recently. Interesting weapons, a pistol equivalent of police Crown Victoria Interceptor, heavy, solid and reliable. Quite accurate, with very minimal recoil. I used it to train a new shooter who found … Continue reading

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Language as a weapon.

Looking at the current conflicts, it seems that counties with common languages enjoy a major PR advantage in wartime. Countries like Albania and Georgia have to resort to other languages (English and Russian, respectively) to get their version of the … Continue reading

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M39 rifle in use

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A well-armored visitor

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Protection of family.

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Owen Zastava Pitt

The main character from Monster Hunter International. Met him yesterday.

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Three questions and requests.

I’d like to get in touch with Gary Johnson’s (LP) marketing/PR team to offer my photography services. I think the visuals on his web site and print materials can be much improved and I would be willing to provide the … Continue reading

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Float like a butterfly, sting like a bee.

Or something like that… Does anyone know what species this is? (The composition was actually noticed by April, so the credit for the idea goes to her.)

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OD Green

762SDN-6 suppressor | 1-4x Nightforce scope | RFB

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You can’t ride like that!

These two are well equipped for the the less common human road hazards, but they are missing leather and helmets for the more usual perils. It takes both — and good judgment — to be safe.

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Oh say can you see?

110-pound girl firing a 13+ pound rifle off-hand? Check. Left-handed user running a bullpup comfortably? Check. Sound suppressor making muffs unnecessary? Check. Great day at the range today? Check.

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2016 CAFE rules.

I get a distinct impression that USGov is deliberately trying to make cars too expensive for the majority of the population. The so-called “clunker” destruction reduced the availability of inexpensive used vehicles. CAFE rules on fuel efficiency slated for 2016 … Continue reading

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Men with swords.

Unlike Czechia, Hungary is not a gun friendly country. That may be why I saw more swords than handguns during my visit.

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When in Prague, I was surprised that all but one of the fairly numerous beggars I saw were apparently able-bodied young men. These two were typical examples. I don’t know why they were out begging when others were not visible? … Continue reading

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Iver Johnson Sealed 8 revolver

Model 844, 1950s production. The backs of the chambers are recessed to enclose the case heads, which isn’t a bad idea with rimfire cartridges. The front of the cylinder is extended to reduce the forcing cone flash. Ejection of all … Continue reading

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