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Famous gun writer, retired Marine Corps Major Tom Kill.

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Why I like bullpups.

A .308 rifle with a sound suppressor, BUIS and a low-magnification scope weights quite a bit. Add to that a 20-round and this RFB weighs 13.2 pounds (6kg). M14 and AR10 variants with the same 18″ barrel length weight the … Continue reading

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What kind of AK should I do with this?

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Rimfire trainer guns

Ever since I got to shoot a suppressed GSG1911-22 in Nevada, I wanted to have on on hand. Rimfire trainer guns were extremely useful then and they have become even more useful since the price of ammunition gone up so … Continue reading

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1941 Soviet infantry manual in English

My friend Boris Karpa translated this historic manual and made it available in Kindle format (also readable on desktop with viewer programs). He’s an excellent translator and knows the topic, so I can vouch for the accuracy of the translation. … Continue reading

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Custom Dragon Leather holster

I posted photos of a custom PMR30 holster earlier this year. Now Dennis came out of a Glock variant of it. This design works especially well for women, keeping the pistol grip out of the way of elbows and ribs.

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RFB: works well as configured

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Henry .44Mag lever action: fit for a sniper.

Remember my plan to find out how well that carbine shoots? It shoots this well at 50 yards with 1-4x Nikon Monarch scope. Ballistics calculator suggests that the far zero is around 70 yards, so it might make sense to … Continue reading

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With muscles like that, the rifle is a secondary weapon.

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So, you’d like to date my daughter…

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Fence rider (nsfw)

A good, soft saddle is essential for a comfortable ride.

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Today’s range trip.

Grace wanted more trigger time with her laser-equipped LCR. Ended up trying that, S&W 317 and 63 rimfire revolvers, a quiet Walther P22, Kel-tec PF9-22, Star S (.32ACP quasi-1911), HK P7, Kahr P9 and the SU22 shown here. Star S … Continue reading

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Ways to relax

One of my friends recently wrote about her reaction to the news: “I’d take up flower-arranging to try and calm down, but I’d probably just wind up turning out lovely arrangements of dead roses and barbed wire…” I suspect that … Continue reading

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Not coming to Dragoncon this year.

Too much work to do at home. I will be canceling hotel reservations unless somebody wants it transferred to them instead ($180/night rate at Sheraton). I think that’s lower than their current rates.

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Single shot rifle. Double-barrel stare.

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Keltec SU16C

10 more images

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Danica smiles. Again.

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The reason for Desert Eagle grips size

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She rocks.

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Anderson AR15 checks out

Today, I managed to forget the box containing almost all the ammo, the spotting scope and the chronograph. So no range report with SSG69 or Henry Big Boy. I did have 75 rounds of 32CP, enough to discover that Star … Continue reading

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