Henry .44Mag lever action: fit for a sniper.

Remember my plan to find out how well that carbine shoots? It shoots this well at 50 yards with 1-4x Nikon Monarch scope. Ballistics calculator suggests that the far zero is around 70 yards, so it might make sense to re-zero it for 20, which would give the far zero of about 100.

Load: Starline brass, 24.5grains of H110, Sierra 8610 240gr bullet, CCI BR-2 primer, all from Brownells. Estimated velocity 1745fps, actual velocity will be found out on the next range trip. This round has noticeable felt recoil when shot from the bench: after I fired one, I immediately made a pad from a pistol case. A slip-on rubber boot should help. The action is extremely smooth and the trigger is excellent.

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6 Responses to Henry .44Mag lever action: fit for a sniper.

  1. LarryArnold says:

    Nice group. But then there’s this guy.

  2. Lyle says:

    Is that a 5 shot group? Very nice in any case.

  3. RegT says:

    I’ve only practice at 100 yards, but with enough practice, center mass shots at a B-27 silhouette target are easy at that distance with my G30 or G21. That is standing still, at a range, though. Shooting for real at someone shooting back puts it into the “amazing” category.

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