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Unexpected terminal ballistics

A year and a half ago, I reviewed Rossi revolving 45LC carbine (also capable of chambering 410 shotshells). I wan’t all that impressed with the accuracy, the handling or the terminal ballistics. Yesterday, one of my models brought her Circuit … Continue reading

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Two new articles up on AllOutdoor

Taurus Raging Bull 44 Magnum   Nagant Revolver in Serious Use

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Recoil is relative.

Dan Coonan is very fond of saying that shooting his gun is an experience. It does have more muzzle flash and recoil and muzzle rise than a typical wonder-9. Actress Morrigan Sanders, age 16, doesn’t usually shoot Coonans. But not because … Continue reading

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No such thing for the antis as “safe enough gun”

The technology behind this carbine is 1860s. The design is 1870s. This one is in .44Mag, but they are also available in .45Colt — again, 1870s technology that can work even with black powder and cast lead bullets. As we … Continue reading

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Speaking of Henry lever actions

I need to get the 44Mag out to the range and figure out the drop past 100 yards. 240gr bullet has muzzle velocity of 1745fps. At this time, the Big Boy is zeroed for 50 yards. If zeroed for 100, … Continue reading

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Henry .44Mag lever action: fit for a sniper.

Remember my plan to find out how well that carbine shoots? It shoots this well at 50 yards with 1-4x Nikon Monarch scope. Ballistics calculator suggests that the far zero is around 70 yards, so it might make sense to … Continue reading

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44Mag in long guns

Hickok45 just posted an informative video about muzzle differences from 3″ revolver to 8″ revolver to 20″ carbine. He got minimal difference between 3″ and 8″ but 33% to 50% increase from revolvers to the carbine! For the fans of … Continue reading

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Be weddy, weddy quieeeet…

…she’s hunting wabbits. I don’t think much edible rabbit would be left though — that’s 44Mag Henry would be better suited for heffalumps. In any case, this is the last time this rifle is seen with open sights — my … Continue reading

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