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Sarah is 14 and fairly lightly built, but correct technique can compensate for lesser strength. Appleseed training events are good places to learn how.

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So, you’d like to date my daughter…

This young lady can fend for herself just fine, but you have to admit that the first impression made by the dad also counts. I also recommend a sensible comment by my friend Dave.

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Single shot rifle. Double-barrel stare.

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Tall and slender boomstick.

One of the many cute and curious sights of Knoxville, TN. I can’t quite decide if SVD form is beautiful or just odd. The form of the shooter is more obviously graceful. Wolf Arms

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More fun than practical.

That’s about high heels. The carbine itself is fairly practical, especially with a red dot installed. Fire can be commenced once eye and ear protection are added.

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Be weddy, weddy quieeeet…

…she’s hunting wabbits. I don’t think much edible rabbit would be left though — that’s 44Mag Henry would be better suited for heffalumps. In any case, this is the last time this rifle is seen with open sights — my … Continue reading

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Gremlin’s new girlfriend

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Zombies, young and old

It’s never too late to turn into a zombie…or too early. Certain public schools may have this condition as their end goal.

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