Gremlin’s new girlfriend

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15 Responses to Gremlin’s new girlfriend

  1. Lanius says:

    Now we’re talking!

    (related, funny video)

  2. daniel says:

    Hmmm, I think this is a first for me in all the years I’ve been following you but this one isn’t working for me. The other picture with the same model looks great. The mask, imho, is throwing it off. It’s a little crooked (looking close you can see it’s lower over her left eye then the right). To me it makes her face look just a little off-kilter. Same picture without the mask I’m sure would be a winner. Oh man, a nice Oleg picture of a beautiful woman in lingerie and I’m critiquing her mask. I think I just officially became old…

  3. Rob Morse says:

    Daniel, I did not see it at first, but I do now. I think the mask is to narrow. That makes her look cross eyed. I enjoyed the rest of the photo so you have sharper eyes than I.

    • Sha-ul says:

      Actually, I think the mask is too wide in the eyes, causing her eyes to be on the inner portion, instead of centered in the eye holes, so it throws off the frame of reference.

  4. Ron Sims says:

    I think the crossed eyes are part of the whimsy, like the silly mask, the messy hair and the prudish top juxtaposed with sheer panties that appear to feature the virgin mary on them. Im pretty sure that the point is that there is no point. Maybe its just an attractive woman holding a cat.

  5. Gremlin looks bored.

  6. Wonderfully curvy hips.

    We should see more of this kind of femininity here.

  7. Bob Harris says:

    Gremlin is one lucky cat…. even though it appears that he does not appreciate it this photo.

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