AK boltface tshirt

Like the original AR15 boltface pictogram, this one is an in-joke for those in the know. I guess it’s the firearm equivalent of a masonic lodge pin.

1791 Apparel | Vepr Hunter 308

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3 Responses to AK boltface tshirt

  1. Lyle says:

    I guess there will be no end to it. There will be a bolt face or breech face T-shirt for every firearm. But what about the muzzleloaders? I guess that’ll just be a circle, or for the patent breech muzzleloaders, a circle within a circle .

  2. Valeriy says:

    i wish i had the same t-shirt 🙂

  3. theirritablearchitect says:

    I’ve got a sick fascination with that VEPR.

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