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Cool vz58 tshirts

If you like vz58 rifles, this tshirt is for you: Get it from Czechpoint.  

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M1911 tshirt

One of many neat designs from 1791 Apparel.

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Swag for CZ fans

The tshirt is from 1791 Apparel, the hat is from CZ-USA. The pistolĀ is CZ75 Compact, the rifleĀ is CZ455 Trainer.

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Peace, love and tight groups.

Saw Gibbs 1903-A4 sniper repro at the NRA show, watched the informative video review and decided I wanted to play with it. The rifle that showed up looks great, has very nice wood and comes with a really neat scope. … Continue reading

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Not just for small bore shooters anymore!

The AR sight picture tshirt isn’t just for riflemen anymore. MKA1919 has the same sight picture and so fits the canon.

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AK boltface tshirt

Like the original AR15 boltface pictogram, this one is an in-joke for those in the know. I guess it’s the firearm equivalent of a masonic lodge pin. 1791 Apparel | Vepr Hunter 308

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New Facebook “Like” button

Cute shirt from Endo Apparel. Hat tip to Sayuncle.

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More about Ace M4 SOCOM stock

Above, on a fixed block, below on a folding block. Ace 1791 Apparel

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Useful AK accessories

1. Ace M4 SOCOM stock — better cheekweld, adjustable length of pull, very robust. 2. AK boltface tshirt by which other members of the gun tribe may know you.

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If she starred in Home Alone, the movie would have ended much quicker.

Works just as well outside of home. Props: tshirt from 1791 Apparel, 3″ .38Spl revolver from Czechpoint

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SMLE and Enfield #4mk.1

If you want the SMLE tshirt, talk to 1791 apparel. If you’d like to buy my #4mk1 Enfield (made in 1945) for $175+shipping, talk to me. If you want the girl, you are out of luck. She’s taken. Update: Enfield … Continue reading

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Mauser rifle and matching tshirt

Yugoslav 7.92mm Mauser with a couple of non-obvious customizations: Timney trigger and U-notch instead of v-notch rear sight. Neat tshirt from 1791 Apparel.

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M1911 themed tshirt

My Colt M1911A1, her tshirt from 1791 designs.

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Steady does it.

Ten year old Ayn is too small to fire this rifle off-hand, but she can handle it supported. On her visit from California, she mostly shot suppressed .22s, but she just had to pose with an AK…after all, it matched … Continue reading

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The right degree of subtlety

This just like one of the shirts I wore to Defcon. People in the know would recognize it, others probably wouldn’t. AR15 bolt face sticker is another such design. It allows recognition by other gunnies with minimal attention from the … Continue reading

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