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Vintage girl.

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A good blade is always in style

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A modesty device

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Interesting people

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Sarah is back.

Nikita was unavailable, she had to fill in. (The revolver is a Czechpoint .357, and the stylish hat is from Henschel.)

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Fedora and a smile

Just did more photos of Karissa. She’s easy to work with, always reliable, and pretty good with small arms. Let me know if you need a model around Nashville or Cookeville, I will make the connection.

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A smiling Texan

Our Renaissance man, Mike.  

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Swag for CZ fans

The tshirt is from 1791 Apparel, the hat is from CZ-USA. The pistolĀ is CZ75 Compact, the rifleĀ is CZ455 Trainer.

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Much orange

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Pockets in women’s dresses

This pretty dress has a major drawback: no pockets! Five rounds of .303 is good, but the magazine holds ten. Where to put additional chargers with rifle fodder… I guess the top of the dress works and isn’t much sillier … Continue reading

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Right rifle for left-hand shooters

RRA Operator-L with EOTech sight, X5L RS light/laser, Magpul 40rd magazine and AFG. The fashionable hat is from Henschel.

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White hat

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My friend Cliff. Photos were taken for Henschel Hat Co. and for an upcoming Concealed Carry magazine article about M&P series handguns.

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My friend Miles.

With a 12ga bullpup shotgun. Photos for a hat catalog.

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You have probably seen my favorite green hat in quite a few photos. I got that hat in trade way back in 1999 when the guy buying my 9×18 Makarov was a few bucks short of cash and threw it … Continue reading

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And speaking of rooftops…

For sight radius, length matters. Such a long barrel also gives maximum bullet velocity and least muzzle blast. The added weight is surprisingly little thanks to the relatively short forend. Both front and rear sights are adjustable for windage and … Continue reading

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She wore a yellow ribbon (nsfw)

Playing around with photo illustrations…need to find more interesting sets.

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Gremlin latches onto a new person

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For the pint-sized defender…

…a half-gallon hat and a Coonan Cadet. Pity this reduced scale pistol is discontinued for now, but it may come back in the future. It uses shorter magazines than the standard model but still holds the save seven rounds. The … Continue reading

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