You have probably seen my favorite green hat in quite a few photos. I got that hat in trade way back in 1999 when the guy buying my 9×18 Makarov was a few bucks short of cash and threw it in brand new. I never worn hats before but decided to try this one and loved it. It’s water-resistant, adjustable and very comfortable.

After many years of wearing this hat and using it as a photo prop, I decided to check if the same company makes other hats. Found that Henschel Hats makes a huge variety and acquired several for wearing and props. The gentleman who runs it was most helpful.

Seeing durable leather hats on my close friends, I wanted one for myself. Turns out that leather goes great with the belts, holsters and large-bore hoglegs. Below, a Henschel leather walker with a .500BFR.

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4 Responses to Hats

  1. Frank W. James says:

    I’ve always wanted a hat like Ronald Reagan wore when he was horseback riding at his place in California and for the life of me I have yet to find anything close. Even the Reagan Library doesn’t have a close copy, they’re hawking the same crap Shepard’s and other western wear big box stores are selling.

    Still, hats are cool…..even if you have a full head of hair. They say alot about your personality and people can ‘read’ you by the style of hat you wear…

    All The Best,
    Frank W. James

  2. Garrett Lee says:

    I picked up one of their water-resistant hats (waxed, not the oilcloth) a couple of years ago. It works very well at repelling water from the outside – but not nearly as well at repelling water from the inside (aka sweat). As I use it quite extensively in the rainy months (which is practically all the time – we see more cloudy days here than Seattle), and do a fair amount of outside work, this has resulted in a rather impressive sweat stain up front. I still like the hat – but I can’t wear it in good company. Sad.

  3. Henry says:

    No offense Oleg but it looks better on her.*VBG*

  4. Sean says:

    I’ve got a couple of “boonies” from one of the local tactical stores. I love them. wear them all the time.

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