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Accurate pistol on the cheap

A year ago, I mentioned Crickett Hunter pistol in an article. More recently, I had a chance to try it for accuracy and was not disappointed. This is from 25 yards on a windy day, with pistol rested on a … Continue reading

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Magazines for 1911 rimfire conversions

Two years ago, I got an Iver Johnson 1911 with a .22 conversion kit. Last year, I got a spare magazine for it but had not tried it until today. The new magazine, made like the one included with the … Continue reading

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25rd magazine for Marlin 795: new on AllOutdoor

25 shots on tap

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Riot control legalities.

Assume a legally reasonable US state and an on-going violent riot… Defender faces a crowd of several hundred advancing on a residential property above a storefront. Crowd already demonstrated violent behavior, has visible melee weapons and incendiaries but no visible … Continue reading

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Vehicle question

What is the smallest current production crossover/SUV with upright sitting position, truck-style front seats? Would  Subaru Forester or Outback qualify?

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Pump shotgun in competent hands

Nighthawk 12ga, Winchester PDX segmented slugs and slug & buck.  

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Sub2000 Mk2 review is up

On-line version. The print version in Western Shooting Journal has many more photos.

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When she isn’t shooting…

…Tatiana designs 3D interactive targets for defensive training. Midwest Industries lightweight MLock compatible AR Nighthawk 870 The targets look like this. A new design will be available in the near future as well. Replacement faces are available to extend the … Continue reading

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Cobalt Kinetics

  I met Cobalt Kinetics crew at SHOT Show, and did a shoot with them right before the NRA Show in Nashville. Using a linear compensator on a 14.5″ carbine was my idea and it worked out very well for … Continue reading

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New edits of old photos (nsfw)

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No Boomershoot this year.

Due to too many competing commitments, I won’t be in Idaho next week. I let the people most directly affected know this, but I know that a few others might need the info as well.

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Rapid fire with shotgun

Cheyenne Dalton is 14. How fast can she ran the updated Auto 5 shotgun and still hit clays? Pretty fast, I think. Good thing Crazy Quail launcher kept up… …and we brought plenty of ammunition.  

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National defense and 6th grade math

(Image from Imagine an observer with a stereoscopic rangefinder and a telephone, camouflaged on a seashore. The observer is 3km ahead of a cannon located further inland for concealment. The bearing is between the cannon and the observer is, for … Continue reading

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Abuse of official capacity

Are there any down sides — practical or ethical — for imposing greater punishments for misdeeds committed under the color of authority? For example, should rape while in police uniform carry a higher sentence than the same done by a … Continue reading

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Fundraiser successful: thank you!

The escape from abuse has been funded. Other help, such as additional ammunition for defensive practice, is on the way as well.

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You can’t feed your arms to a predator…

…and hope that it spares your body. Even if the initial plan called only for taking your property, the encouragement given by abject compliance motivates thugs to take greater liberty with your health, life and dignity. And with the health, … Continue reading

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“For among other evils which being unarmed brings you, it causes you to be despised” ~Machiavelli

Being armed does not guarantee either safety or victory, but being unarmed by choice or disarmed by lies, coercion or custom pretty much guarantees eventual ruin or dependency. The options are then limited to extinction like the dodo or essentially turning … Continue reading

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Strength in diversity

Wondering around the NRA show and socializing with my friends and colleagues reminded me again just how varied and friendly the American shooters are. A monoculture may have the perceived advantage of default cohesiveness, but conformity usually is enforced subtly … Continue reading

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Back from the NRA show.

Since the show was here in Nashville, I had clients and colleagues come in from last Tuesday through yesterday, and my work days were longs and busy. I am back, at last. The image above is a test of concept and actually … Continue reading

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TacCom .22 Carbon Fiber AR Upper: new on AllOutdoor

A Featherweight Over-Achiever.

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