Back from the NRA show.

Since the show was here in Nashville, I had clients and colleagues come in from last Tuesday through yesterday, and my work days were longs and busy. I am back, at last.

The image above is a test of concept and actually shows rimmed 7.62×54 cartridges. I had not expected the ammunition to look so obviously incorrect at this scale and will have to re-take the image with the proper fodder for the rifle.

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5 Responses to Back from the NRA show.

  1. Linoge says:

    They almost look… belted. Huh.

  2. Paul Koning says:

    x53 or x54? Yes, it would be good for those rounds not to look like 50 Browning rounds…

  3. Nathaniel F says:

    Those look like 7.65 Argentine to me… Did you edit the image?

  4. BLAMMO says:

    Thank goodness PPU makes Garand-suitable .30-06. Cheaper than most surplus, new and non-corrosive.

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