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Infant at lunch

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Variety is the spice of life.

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Fox as a pet

Does anyone have experience with either domesticated foxes or those raised from young kits?

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Unit cost averaging

When the cost of guns increases, buy ammo. When ammo is too expensive, buy training. When you can’t afford training, invest in practice. If you can’t afford range time, have no ammo, practice trigger control and getting into firing positions. … Continue reading

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An occupational hazard for maniacs

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Pretty is as pretty does

The holster holds the gun flat to the side, and the quality of work is pretty impressive. The leather isn’t fully boned but holds the shape well enough for one-handed re-holstering. The tooling is subdued enough not to come across … Continue reading

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Small bore shotgun, small bore rifle

Daughter with Cavalry SX410 shotgun.

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A little girl’s upgrade

Last year, she started out with a single shot Crickett, now she’s ready for a 10-22 Tactical. I think Garibaldi would have been proud to claim her as his own.

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A matter of credibility.

The same person with a ranged weapon and multiple shots on tap would be taken rather more seriously. She may be clumsy or only slightly trained, but she would still have 31 tries at poking very deep holes through her … Continue reading

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“Terms of Enlistment.”

I recently mentioned Marko’s new book as the best military science fiction I’ve read in quite some time. Good to see it gain the deserved popularity. At three bucks, it’s the best entertainment you can get for a day or … Continue reading

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The things I can’t afford.

In my entire adult life, I couldn’t afford broadcast television. Not the set itself, but the time required to watch it. Now I find that computer games are prohibitively expensive. A business colleague gifted me a disk with the sequel … Continue reading

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Light and laser wallpaper

1920px wallpaper file. 5″ Chiappa Rhino .357 revolver with Viridian X5L light/laser.

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Want to buy: Panasonic G2 or GH2 camera, lenses

Just checked the usual stores and didn’t see one for sale. If anyone has a G2 or GH2 for sale, please let me know. Also interested in lenses, particularly 20/1.7, 45/1.8, 60/.28 macro.

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Poor pulp fiction writers

Gun enthusiasts are fond of making fun of pulp fiction writers for inaccuracies concerning gun descriptions. For example: “Joe eased the revolver safety off and carefully walked through the apartment.” Isn’t that funny, to think that revolvers have manual safeties? … Continue reading

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Bad self-defense advice: Idiocy or Malice?

Recently, we have been treated to spectacularly stupid advice on self-defense by the vice president of the US. Doing what he advised would endanger the defender, the defender’s neighbors AND put him in legal trouble. That has been discussed in … Continue reading

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Czechpoint 22WMR revolver

Being an alloy framed revolver, Model 361 weights only 34 ounces and holds 9 rounds, while the comparable Taurus Tracker weighs in at 44oz. MSRP is $300 vs. $555. At this point in time, the price premium of 22WMR over … Continue reading

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Mid-length 38s, old and new

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So called “logic” of gun bans.

To make the “logic” of gun bans a little more obvious, I’d like to use the analogy of cars as more familiar to everyone. Imagine a situation in which some tiny number of vehicles are used for criminal purposes, such … Continue reading

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Very nice jewelry

Mike Williamson just turned me onto jewelry by Jeni Benos. Gorgeous work — and the artist herself is a work of art too.

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