The things I can’t afford.

In my entire adult life, I couldn’t afford broadcast television. Not the set itself, but the time required to watch it. Now I find that computer games are prohibitively expensive. A business colleague gifted me a disk with the sequel to my once-favorite game, Red Orchestra. I’ve had it since November and have yet to install the program. I can’t figure out where I would get the time to play it when so many other things compete with it…work, cat, books, girlfriend, range time.

Ah, to be rich! If only I had 30 hour days…

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12 Responses to The things I can’t afford.

  1. Evan V says:

    Haha, if you ever do install Red Orchestra 2 you’re in for some changes. Great game though, I love it.

  2. Red says:

    You said “girlfriend” that is good. And you weren’t referencing Gremlin twice in doing so. Lol!

  3. Lyle says:

    Cat and girlfriend. I, or rather we, have a cat and it takes up aproximately a minute or less of my time each day. I give it some food and water, and it takes care of itself, hunting and catching mice, lying around, etc. cats don’t need your time otherwise. Petty much the same for a girlfriend. If she’s not interested I what you’re doing, she can fend for herself. If she’s placing demands on you, and you are accommodating her, you have a pathological relationship. Correct her or let her go. Otherwise the relationship will kill you.

    That being said, I have as much interest in video games as I have in eating sand, which is exactly zero. I see a fabulous video game demo running at the computer store, and I think, “Hmm. That’s close, but it’s still not even slightly interesting. They sure need to work on the kinetics. They don’t seem to understand mass, gravity and inertia. If they did I’d respect them more but I’d not be any more interested. Now where are the USB cables?”

  4. Ah, Lyle, I think you have the wrong view of relationships. Oleg doesn’t have a cat – or a girlfriend – because he doesn’t want to spend time with them and expects them to interact minimally, if it all! He has these relationships because he truly enjoys spending time with the furball and (even more so, to the cat’s discomfort) with his girlfriend.

    Having met the lady in question, I can understand why he thinks the world of her and places a high value on time spent in her company. She’s pretty awesome! Having taken care of the cat in question when Oleg’s away, I assure you, Gremlin likes human company, and has plenty of initiative (and twenty sharp claws) in insisting people spend time with him.

  5. Bubblehead Les says:

    Hey, you get the same amount of time as the rest of us: 24 hours a day. So just do what the Military Guys do: Sleep when you’re Dead. ; )

  6. Ted N says:

    Big thing I liked about MadMike’s Grainne, 28 hour/10 div days, 10 days a week. Still trying to figure out when the ship leaves, I wanna go!

  7. BLAMMO says:

    Video games are time killers. Who’s got time to kill?

  8. Scott J says:

    I always answer the “what is your most precious possession” question with time.

    It is the only thing we cannot create more of. It can only be reallocated.

  9. Tama Paine says:

    This is the situation in my household. We all get offers from all sorts of businesses who want us to check out of our beautiful, fulfilling, interesting real lives, and hand our remaining time over to their virtual life products. At a price, Ugarte; at a price.

    I can only conclude that those 76 million Americans have no real life, so are happy to fill their hours with something–anything. The ones who are slackers on the dole–you can kinda understand the time-filling imperative. But the ones who work for wages, selling their lives to an employer (for reasons good or otherwise), have already sold their life time. Why would they then use those wages to pay for more waste of their scarce hours?

    On the other hand you gotta admit: it keeps them off the streets. Judging from my students over the years that’s about the best society can hope for with a surprising number of people. ;(

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