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Maximum Pink

Zastava CZ99 rifle, a .22 rimfire bolt action advertised as a youth model. In reality, it’s more like a compact but hefty carbine for adult shooters. Pretty nice build quality. A full review is in the works.

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A fashion dilemma

Pity most European countries allow only the first option to their subjects… PS: It’s not like certain parts of America are any better…looking at you, New York City!

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Hot weather carry option

Glock 43 with Viridian R5 laser. Might work with something like this garter holster.

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What I like about the upcoming Keltec RDB

Bottom ejection is left and right hand compatible. Felt recoil is extremely low without a compensator — which makes me really wonder about the concussive muzzle brake installed on this demo gun. Great trigger, reversible charging handle, excellent accuracy. 1-6x … Continue reading

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Visiting with friends in Knoxville

One of the kids here brought out her own rifle to show it. The girl is nine and the runt of her age group, but it turns out that the AR15 is neither too heavy nor too complicated for her … Continue reading

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Back from my travels.

Lots of photos to edit, new reviews and photos to post. For now, a little pink as part of the fan service. FMK 9mm

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A very smart four year old

This kid has serious social engineering skills.

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Pink guns, new at CTD blog

Read Pink Guns.

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All-pink guns are much too girly.

Guns with pink accents, on the other hand… STI Elektra 9mm Does anyone remember back in the 1980s many people thought that stainless rifles with black synthetic stocks were just not right? A “real gun” back then was blued and … Continue reading

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