All-pink guns are much too girly.

Guns with pink accents, on the other hand…

STI Elektra 9mm

Does anyone remember back in the 1980s many people thought that stainless rifles with black synthetic stocks were just not right? A “real gun” back then was blued and had a wood stock. This stainless and pink 9mm shoots as straight as its gray variant.

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6 Responses to All-pink guns are much too girly.

  1. I STILL think stainless guns with black synthetic stocks are ugly.

  2. Felicia Herman says:

    It’s okay if you like semi-auto.

    I’m a revolver person.

  3. Jason Allard says:

    Stainless and black synthetic is fine. It’s anything with that rainbow-like fake wood that I think is ugly as all get out. Especially since that wood stuff gets used as the grips for a lot of cheap, ugly knives.

  4. “There are nine and sixty ways, of constructing tribal lays, and every single one of them is right.” Rudyard Kipling, “In the Neolithic Age”

    A lesson that many can take to heart.

  5. Valeriy says:

    Fits to her suit 🙂

  6. R. says:

    This is a fine looking woman..

    Stainless? Stainless it’s fine, as long as it has a black finish, I think. Or grey. Or non-reflective. The only place where shiny finish belongs is knife blades.. and maybe on cars, art objects, etc.

    Guns are not art, mostly. Yeah, I know there are exceptions.. but tell me. Why has no one ever produced a 9mm automatic that looks like the Whitney Wolverine pistol? Eh?

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