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Who says models don’t eat?

From a break during a photo shoot with cosplayer Domi.

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Gas station coffee

2014, Como, Italy. A little gas station with fuel prices showing why Italians favor small cars, scooters and bicycles, or diesel-engined vehicles. At the exchange rate of the time, the price for basic unleaded was just over $9/gallon. Parking space … Continue reading

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A theory about bad laws

There’s a perception among the Democrats, that gun laws affect Republicans most. In a 50/50 state, passing anti-gun laws harasses enough Republicans into leaving to guarantee future electoral majority for the left. There’s also a perception among Republicans that most … Continue reading

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Why are ersatz foods ingredients so common in the US?

US isn’t a poor country. Yet typical food includes junk like corn syrup. Even in fairly expensive restaurants, imitation crab is used instead of real crab. Airlines serve absolutely foul artificial creamer instead of half-and-half or cream. Typical baked goods, … Continue reading

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Price comparisons

Just an idle thought: from 1900 to 1933, US dollar was worth roughly a pennyweight (1/20 troy ounce or 1.556 gram) of gold. As of today, gold trades for just under $43/gram. A dollar today buys about 67 times less … Continue reading

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Please recommend a gelato maker

I am looking for a way to make high-quality Italian style gelato at home. Would one of the roughly $300 machines sold on Amazon work for the purpose?

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Just in case you are hungry

Swiss food.

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Where to Go for Good Pastries in Nashville?

Since the demise of Alpha Bakery, the only passable source of baked good seems to be the French Bakery (Provance?) on 21st Ave. Are there any other good options, especially closer to Hermitage?

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Victualizing the models

Contrary to popular opinion, Evie does eat from time to time. In evidence is a cup of mango lassie, pasta with sauteed veggies, pork and grilled shrimp. Models with low blood sugar aren’t much fun.

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A quick salmon and pasta dish

A hungry friend stopped by today, so I put this dish together. It was delicious. Prep and cooking were under 15 minutes total, less than driving to the nearest fast food place would have taken.

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I am now spoiled for all other sushi!

I just returned from a four-day handgun course at Front Sight in Nevada. The review of the course and the equipment used in it is coming soon. For now, I’d like to talk about food. The Fat Greek was superb, … Continue reading

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