Victualizing the models

Contrary to popular opinion, Evie does eat from time to time. In evidence is a cup of mango lassie, pasta with sauteed veggies, pork and grilled shrimp. Models with low blood sugar aren’t much fun.

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6 Responses to Victualizing the models

  1. Cowboy Blob says:

    Beautiful. Saw the other pics and I think ya should have sprung for an extra sandwich. Just sayin’. 🙂

  2. cpcass says:

    Please publish the recipe for Mango Lassie.

  3. Lanius says:

    Yeah, well, she does eat on occassion, but if she had to say, out-wrestle London Andrews*, who would you put your money on, eh?

    Evie reminds me of a girl I used to go out with back when I was twenty or so. She was that thin too, though more muscular. Still had amenorrhea..probably from being too athletic. Women have it bad there..

    *to name a model who is quite lovely and obviously likes her food ;-). Many men don’t blame her, she looks very fertile 😀

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Why wrestle when she can shoot?

      I much prefer models on whom muscles and bones are visible and not completely hidden under layers of fat. Layered fat is great only in bacon. While I can make almost any body look good, it’s hard to work with too much cellulite.

  4. Lanius says:

    Layered fat is great only in bacon.
    Those are fighting words, sir. If I’m ever passing through Nashville, would you be willing to duel me with paintball or airsoft pistols? Provided you would not be hellishly busy of course!

    No, while I understand your aesthetic choices, I disagree here. The starved adolescent look of some of your models just seems unsexy to me. I can see the same look in the mirror.. except for lack of small breasts and more substantial muscles due to higher testosterone levels and some exercise.. that’s how I look.

    What can I say? I’m a runner and use PC’s all the time while working and while not working, so I have no need for bigger muscles.. (machineguns are too hard to get anyway, and rifles are not heavy enough)

    The wrestling thing was a joke.. I mean, it’s not that useful as self defense, but elsewhere.. if my girlfriend weighed about the same as me, I’d really like a bit of wrestling as foreplay 😉

    Average to plus sized women have lots of nice, inviting curves that seem just irresistible to me. Wider hips, behinds, bosoms..

    Cellulite isn’t a problem since Adobe released photoshop :D. London has some, but apparently, photographers always photoshop it away… like here:

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