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Erma MP40 submachine gun

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Compensating for something?

You betcha!

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Dragon Leather Flapjack

Very comfortable holster.

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Pseudo-vintage photos

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Charter Arms .44Spl Bulldog with CCI “flying ashtrays”

Brassfetcher gelatin test results from a 4″ barrel. Results from 2.5″ barrel are quite close. 44Special and 45ACP are almost ballistic twins. Wider hollow points possible in revolver rounds make up any difference. Bulldog | Blazer ballistic data

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Another Sideguard holster

I like Eric’s work: it’s durable, looks good and doesn’t cost too much. And, personally, I also like looking at Danica. Sideguard

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More about .22 conversion for PF9

As you can see, each magazine tube is made of billet aluminum. They won’t wear out in normal use. Twisted Industries | CCI

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Women in Computing

Traditional “affirmative action” proved fairly ineffective in increasing the number of women who built a successful career in IT. A close friend suddenly found himself in position to influence efforts in this area by a Fortune 50 IT company. The company’s declared goal is … Continue reading

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Gray cat, green eyes

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Tough basic tools

A good set of tools for a leisurely walk out in the woods. The ax/walking stick was made by my friend Nick. He left the finish rough deliberately.

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Yellow cat with an attitude

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Canon EOS 50/1.4 lens for sale or trade for 85/1.8

I’d like to sell my 50/1.4 ($360 delivered within US) or trade it for 85/1.8. I find that I prefer to use 45 TSE or 50 macro for almost everything, while my 100/2.8 macro or 90TSE don’t quite work for … Continue reading

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Getting sufficient practice with Kel-tec PF9

This Kel-tec PF9 is set up for inexpensive practice. CTC laser allows better dry fire practice by providing visual feedback to trigger control exercise. This way, if you don’t have time to get to the range, some practice can be … Continue reading

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Not one of Garibaldi’s boys

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Publishing names of carry permit holders

Say Uncle reports that yet another newspaper publishes names of permit holders. While potentially harmful to people on the list, it’s more harmful to people not on the list. A stalker can now check on his victim’s probable lack of … Continue reading

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The coming Federal ban on candles

As far as I know, there isn’t one in the works yet. However, there is a ban on incandescent bulbs to take effect by 2014. I suspect the reason why no one is trying to ban candles, oil lamps or … Continue reading

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Hungary is considering liberalizing self-defense regulations

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Hungarian translations

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Black dress shoes (nsfw)

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