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Photographer at rest

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Photographer at work (nsfw)

Chryseis taking photos of Evie outdoors. Her model is visible in the reflection.

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Rumor or fact: battery capacity restricted by law?

I saw this in various forums, attributed to Nikon spokesman: “higher-capacity batteries used by current professional DSLRs are now banned under recently introduced Japanese laws”. True, false, half of each?

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Are small guns like cell phone cameras?

In the sense that everyone disparages them and everyone uses them. New post at CTD.

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Retro photographer

Of all the steampunk accessories, the one I expected the least was a Nikon FE film camera with a Vivitar 28-90 varifocal lens. In addition to looking neat, apparently this contraption allows Etienne to make photos by chemical voodoo performed … Continue reading

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May I play with your camera?

I would like to upgrade my Panasonic LX-3 to something with a slightly larger sensor. 4/3 is the most likely contender, with Olympus and Panasonic models being most interesting. If you live in Nashville, own such a camera and wouldn’t … Continue reading

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Canon EOS 50/1.4 lens for sale or trade for 85/1.8

I’d like to sell my 50/1.4 ($360 delivered within US) or trade it for 85/1.8. I find that I prefer to use 45 TSE or 50 macro for almost everything, while my 100/2.8 macro or 90TSE don’t quite work for … Continue reading

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