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The idiocy that is cell phone carriers (ATT in this case)

Last year, I was able to have my phone unlocked for the trip to Switzerland. Now I find that ATT policy changed and they won’t unlock the phone until the contract is over in two years. While I can get … Continue reading

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Please do not use text messaging to communicate anything important to me.

Late this morning, I saw two messages come in (notification and partial text came across the top of the phone) but neither is visible in the text menu on the phone. So I know that somebody tried to reach me … Continue reading

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My Favorite Navigator

My father in Prague.

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Sterling type 2 semi-auto carbine

This is one of the few semi-auto arms I like as much as the select-fire original. It’s longer barrel (16″ vs. 10″) gives it a longer sight radius, and the two-flip aperture is more familiar than the quaint diffusion disk … Continue reading

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Cell phone solution for European travel

This summer, I will be in Prague and Budapest for about ten days. I’d like to stay in touch with people by phone, but not sure how viable my AT&T Android phone would be there. Any suggestions on the best … Continue reading

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Are small guns like cell phone cameras?

In the sense that everyone disparages them and everyone uses them. New post at CTD.

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