Tough basic tools

A good set of tools for a leisurely walk out in the woods. The ax/walking stick was made by my friend Nick. He left the finish rough deliberately.

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7 Responses to Tough basic tools

  1. Nikolay says:


  2. Yevgeniy says:

    the stick looks cool. is the ax head functional?

  3. Don Gwinn says:

    I looked at the picture a couple of times to see the little puuko better . . . and completely missed the axe! Huh.

  4. docjim505 says:

    Sad thing is that the Mak receives short shrift from the “self-defense community” because it fires a measely little 9x18mm cartridge, barely more powerful than the .380ACP. I don’t say that it would be my go-to gun if I KNEW that I was going up against somebody out of his mind on PCP or a gang of Hell’s Angels, but I CAN say that my Bulgie Mak is accurate, small enough to conceal without too much trouble, and has never jammed on me even while firing “cheap” Russian (Wolf, Brown Bear, Silver Bear, and Tula) ammo.

  5. Bill Cyrus says:

    This looks like it could be the cover photo for a Russian crime novel or mystery movie.

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