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If you have nothing to hide…

Imagine a most upstanding human, righteous, kind and lawful. That human gets elected to hold some office. Should that person not worry about government spying because they would never find anything compromising about him? Surveillance can be used for more … Continue reading

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Back in the USSR…it sure feels that way lately

Our grandparents once defeated the real Nazis. These days, they are submitting to groping by the wannabes. American parents would never hand their kids over to child molesters…unless those molesters wear blue uniforms. Those who value the Constitutional right to … Continue reading

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Publishing names of carry permit holders

Say Uncle reports that yet another newspaper publishes names of permit holders. While potentially harmful to people on the list, it’s more harmful to people not on the list. A stalker can now check on his victim’s probable lack of … Continue reading

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