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Новости глазами иммигрантов

http://stas.livejournal.com/1048089.html http://arbat.livejournal.com/870840.html Такое впечатление, что людям совсем не хочется опять жить при совке, даже и на территории Америки.

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The most serious threats are not always obvious

Terrorism gets a lot of attention. It doesn’t produce many casualties relative to the population size, and would produce even fewer if governments didn’t insist on disarming their own residents. The various government shenanigans with health care, restraints of trade … Continue reading

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How to make news?

How do people channel their front-page tips to the journalists working for reputable news outlets (such as Wall Street Journal)? As we know, Harry Markopolos could not convince Wall Street Journal to work on exposing Mr. Madoff. Let’s say, there … Continue reading

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Ways to relax

One of my friends recently wrote about her reaction to the news: “I’d take up flower-arranging to try and calm down, but I’d probably just wind up turning out lovely arrangements of dead roses and barbed wire…” I suspect that … Continue reading

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Publishing names of carry permit holders

Say Uncle reports that yet another newspaper publishes names of permit holders. While potentially harmful to people on the list, it’s more harmful to people not on the list. A stalker can now check on his victim’s probable lack of … Continue reading

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