The most serious threats are not always obvious

Terrorism gets a lot of attention. It doesn’t produce many casualties relative to the population size, and would produce even fewer if governments didn’t insist on disarming their own residents. The various government shenanigans with health care, restraints of trade and taxes don’t get quite as much headline space. And yet, “obamacare” all by itself messes with the availability of medical services, viability of research, and reduces the amount of resources available for other purposes. The cumulative effect of these impositions in terms of earlier deaths, more illness, longer working hours to pay for it all, will be far greater than the occasional public murder by deranged psychopaths.

It’s the old story of Eastasian aggression and victory gin rations being bigger news than the actual events and trends of importance, a sleight of hand to distract. The most obvious question with any newsworthy calamity is: “what’s happening in the shadows while we are squinting at the limelight?”

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3 Responses to The most serious threats are not always obvious

  1. Lyle says:

    “what’s happening in the shadows while we are squinting at the limelight?”

    Yes, that’s always a valid question. Similarly; at camp it is often a good idea to face away from the fire, looking out into the night at that which it illuminates.

    In the case of our U.S. Government, we have a 100+ year history of their undermining of liberty, so we know well the game.

    Now they’re working on undermining stability on all fronts. They brought the Islamists into the process many years ago also, but they’re accelerating the process.

    Either through meticulous conniving or through blithering stupidity (it makes no difference in the end) we’ve already been set up what has been described as the perfect storm. If domestic instability doesn’t overpower you, they’re hoping the economic instability will. If that doesn’t get you crawling on your knees begging your would-be overlords for salvation, which will only come in the form of slavery, then maybe the Islamists will help take you there. If at any point along the way your health should fail, the government medical system should keep you distracted and drugged up to where you’ll be a willing slave. The public education system is a powerful force in keeping your children confused and distracted. Network media and entertainment contribute greatly also, keeping us mesmerized with idiocy.

    It should be pointed out that it takes two parties to make slavery into a viable system. You need both a slave master and a willing slave. Each and every willing slave serves to embolden the slave master, condemning yet others to the slave master’s rule.

  2. Y. says:

    >>deranged psychopaths.<<

    Using these words in this context is about as useful as when journalists talk about 'clips'.

    Psychopaths exist and are a problem, however, 90%+ of all atrocities ever committed were carried out by people whose psychology wasn't abnormal.

    I doubt psychopaths, who are above all concerned with themselves, are prone to carry out suicide attacks like this latest one.

  3. Paul Rain says:

    Yup, but, as with Obamacare, _none of this had to happen_. There is no natural law that says that you must import faithful Muslims into a country that was doing quite well without them, thank you very much.

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