Back in the USSR…it sure feels that way lately

Our grandparents once defeated the real Nazis. These days, they are submitting to groping by the wannabes.

American parents would never hand their kids over to child molesters…unless those molesters wear blue uniforms.

Those who value the Constitutional right to privacy just have to avoid airports…and train stations…and sea ports…and subways…and now public roads. If they stay home, TSA won’t molest them…but local SWAT just might.

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14 Responses to Back in the USSR…it sure feels that way lately

  1. the_grey_rider says:

    I’m scared.

    • JustJeff says:

      I’m not. “The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.” Being prepared is the answer.

  2. Thor says:

    It is truly some sad times for the USA. I spent twenty years fighting against Communism, saw the Berlin wall fall, saw Russia fall and now we have it growing like a weed here in the USA. We have sacrificed liberty for safety. I do believe that we were warned against that.

    • R. says:

      You don’t have communism, you have a mock-fascism. That is statism combined with crony capitalism, populism, and a host of other isms.

      You have no idea what communism is. That would be if the gov’t nationalized fokking everything and private enterprise would be outlawed, everything would be planned, there’d be no free market, no stock market, nothing like that.
      What very big corporations and statists want is the China model. Less civil liberties, less political freedom, more stability.

      In China, everyone has to shut up and work hard and pay taxes. Anyone who disagrees with the state or forms an organisation the state doesn’t like can be beaten, arrested, disappeared, executed, or broken up and sold for organs.

      And Chinese are definitely not ‘communists’. I mean, a communist party running what looks like a pretty good approximation of the exact same economy communists originally fought against isn’t ‘communist’.

      They dropped all pretense of caring about the workers, or about social injustice, and are just brutally pragmatist.

  3. Jeff says:

    I haven’t flown since 2007. I don’t intend to fly until this madness stops. I’ll have to content myself with road trips all over the western US.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      Which is why TSA now conducts random road-blocks also.

      • R. says:

        Could you please kick their nazi butts before 2014? By then I might be thinking about moving to the US, and I don’t want the TSA to be still molesting people.

  4. Redd09 says:

    This could very easily be the turning point that we’ve warned against. People are gonna get hurt over this.

  5. Weston says:

    They’re really starting to get on our nerves, we’re getting closer to the tipping point, but we haven’t reached critical mass yet. I think that our government underestimates us, and one day, they’ll push us too far.

    • Salgak says:

      My fear is, we’ve reached the equivalent of a super-saturated solution, society-wise. When the push too far DOES come, the reaction will, I fear, be far beyond expectations. So here’s to hoping we back away from the abyss. Even if I don’t expect us to . . .

  6. Don says:

    It seems more likely to me that there actually isn’t a tipping point…just more of the same gradual slide with no substantial reaction by the general population…sure hope I’m wrong and that we can still vote our way out of this…

  7. theirritablearchitect says:

    Differences with no distinction.

    It’s all governmental overreach.

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