Another way to set up Keltec RFB

1-4x illuminated scope gives the option of shooting with both eyes open at 1x and more deliberate, precise fire at 2-2.5x. I prefer to use 4x only when firing from supported positions. Given the scarce rail space left on the RFB after the scope installation and forward ejection, offset iron sights for backup would be ideal.

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5 Responses to Another way to set up Keltec RFB

  1. perspicuity says:

    can’t get a RFB for love or money…

    might as well get a PTR91 or perhaps a DSA shorty/folding-stock.

    oh, yeah, DSA is finally shipping 30 rounder magazines for $25? nice.


  2. junyo says:

    Exactly how mine is set up, minus the cheekpad and plus a three point sling.

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  5. R. says:

    Why only 4x?
    I have a 4-12x variable zoom scope on an airgun ( )
    , and even with a 7x zoom target acquisition can be pretty rapid.

    Though, an ideal scope would be IMO a 1-20x. Probably impossible to construct..

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