Drums that work

With rimmed cartridges, drum magazines work very well. Each round has a spot of its own and they only commingle in the feed column. With PPS50, the stack is barely a couple of rounds tall.

Puma metal drums tend to be expensive and a bit difficult to load. BDM drums (the same basic design as their 10-22 and AR15 magazine but without tall feed towers) work rather better.

And the gun looks neat, so I usually bring it for kids to shoot. Once I have .22 tracers expected from SBR, this will only get more amusing. I was curious how CCI “tactical 22” ammo would work, so far it seems to be the bulk equivalent of Mini Mags.

Not having to use a mag loader definitely helps, as I often can’t locate mine or forget it at home.

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  1. Have you tried their Segmented HP?

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  3. J. Cook says:

    I can also vouch for BDM’s drums. While the 10/22 is somewhat fiddly to lock the drum into place*, once it’s locked in it’s not moving anywhere. I have yet to have a feed-related malfunction on it on the ~500 rounds I’ve pushed through it.

    Plus, on my scottwerx kit, it really does produce double takes at the range.**

    *Yes, I said lock- it does not slap right on in like the rotary or banana mags. Once you figure out how to lock it in, it’s on par with loading a drum into a tommy, only without the fiddly third hand bit.

    ** Despite the quirks I’ve run into with the scottwerx kit and the particular receiver I have*** , it puts a pretty large smile on pretty much everyone around- the shooter and bystanders both.

    *** The main bolt that holds the kit together also acts as the bolt stop in has a tendency to work it’s way loose after a drum’s worth. There’s not much I can do about it, except keep an eye on it, and torque it down between drum loads.

  4. MD Willington says:

    Oleg, not sure if I mentioned this, but I work with the brother of the BDM guys.. small world.

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