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Chad the Awesome

One reason why I love my work: cool people.

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Force multiplier

A 52 year old woman, no matter now well trained, would be hard pressed to keep up with young men who make up the majority of violent criminals. Add a Glock to her hip and a .308 rifle to her … Continue reading

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My hunting rifle and Katyn forest.

I own many rifles, but I only hunt with one of them. Feinstein’s latest effort to disarm Americans would ban it. It would ban that entire shape of rifle (bullpup) as well as that entire category (semi-auto with a box … Continue reading

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Left Side or Right

Unlike all other .308 bullpups, RFB may be safely fired from either shoulder. Hunter model with 24″ barrel shown.

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Keltec RFB available on G4P

Guns4Pennies has an RFB up for grabs. The rifle shown above is identical to what they are offering.

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New on CTD: Sweet Bleeding Zombies

Ever wondered how to fight off a zombie stripper? Wonder no more!

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Decorative Camouflage, Functional Rifle

For full functionality, the camo pattern would have had to be a little larger in scale and more subdued in color. But this gun is mostly for fun. On the practical side, RFB is short, handy and may be fired … Continue reading

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Bringing Down the Bacon

Buck, Dwayne and Weston (not pictured), along with their dogs arranged the meeting. They guide hunts in Florida and Tennessee and may be reached at 321-960-4287. I ended up running about 500 yards after the dogs to catch up with … Continue reading

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Rapid fire capable .308

Straight stock layout? Check. Battlecomp muzzle brake? Check. This RFB didn’t rise at all on firing. The SWFA scope also helped: unusually for a 1-4x, it’s a front focal plane design with a twist: at 1x, it has thick cross-hairs … Continue reading

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OD Green

762SDN-6 suppressor | 1-4x Nightforce scope | RFB

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You can’t ride like that!

These two are well equipped for the the less common human road hazards, but they are missing leather and helmets for the more usual perils. It takes both — and good judgment — to be safe.

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Oh say can you see?

110-pound girl firing a 13+ pound rifle off-hand? Check. Left-handed user running a bullpup comfortably? Check. Sound suppressor making muffs unnecessary? Check. Great day at the range today? Check.

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Why I like bullpups.

A .308 rifle with a sound suppressor, BUIS and a low-magnification scope weights quite a bit. Add to that a 20-round and this RFB weighs 13.2 pounds (6kg). M14 and AR10 variants with the same 18″ barrel length weight the … Continue reading

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RFB: works well as configured

Finally had a chance to fire the RFB with the new AAC 762SDN-6 (and shorter piston provided by Keltec) and 1-4x Nightforce scope. What an improvement over the previous set-up! For one, the cycling of the gun is now softer, … Continue reading

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24″ RFB in use

4-16x Vortex scope, Gemtech Sandstorm suppressor, Magpul VFG, RSA and sling. Same but with Keltec muzzle brake instead of the suppressor, and with Viridian X5L RS on the rail. I can’t wait to get it zeroed. Federal and Hornady both … Continue reading

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My favorite 308 rifle.

After 8 months, my new 7.62 suppressor tax stamp finally got approved by ATF. My RFB has been restored to the correct configuration. YHM BUIS, 1-4x illuminated scope and (not shown here) Viridian laser on the quad rail. With 4x … Continue reading

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RFB length

To me, the support hand placement on the 18″ variant illustrates that the version with a 24″ barrel wouldn’t be too long. The long quad forend would allow greater iron sight radius for backup, as well as a tandem placement … Continue reading

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Keltec RFB at the range

Jim Gilliland test-fired this RFB with 168 grain Setpoint ballistic tips and 175 grain Georgia Arms match ammunition. With 4x scope, he got roughly 1.5MOA. Last year, Mike Meador shot it with Federal Gold Match using a much higher-magnification scope … Continue reading

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What other .308 bullpup is left-hander friendly?

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RFB Hunter ad

This rifle is fractionally shorter than an AR10 with 16″ barrel but has less muzzle flash and delivers 300-400fps higher velocity. At 600 yards, that’s about 3 feet less bullet drop! While in Florida, I shot it sub-MOA with 168gr match … Continue reading

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