Keltec RFB at the range

Jim Gilliland test-fired this RFB with 168 grain Setpoint ballistic tips and 175 grain Georgia Arms match ammunition. With 4x scope, he got roughly 1.5MOA. Last year, Mike Meador shot it with Federal Gold Match using a much higher-magnification scope and got 0.8MOA. For short-range defensive use, I think the Nightforce 1-4x and backup YHM iron sights should be enough. Viridian X5L light/laser adds another targeting method.

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13 Responses to Keltec RFB at the range

  1. How’s the overall reliability of the RFB series now? I’d read some comments online from people who’d had problems with their rifles and it made me wonder how they’re going to hold up.

  2. Sid says:

    How does the weapon deal with recoil?

    I ask because 7.62x51mm ammo punishes the shooter when used as a CQB round. If the M-14 had worked when fired on automatic, then the M-16 would have never come about. If KelTec has developed a way to handle recoil, then this may be an assault rifle. If follow-up shots are not timely, then it is not a candidate for assault rifle.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      It kicks about as much an M14 but has less muzzle rise. You can fire it fine with one hand due to the great balance. It can even be fired as a pistol — the recoil just isn’t that harsh.

      • Sid says:


        I think what many forgot is that the 7.62 was not abandoned. It was a matter of recoil management and ammo weight. If KelTec has a mind to, they should run this by the US military.

  3. Tony says:

    I noticed that the range at which these MOA numbers were shot remains unmentioned.

    • Oleg Volk says:

      MOA is a measure of dispersion and tends to be fairly steady at various ranges until the bullet goes transonic. In our case, all testing was done at 100 yards.

  4. Dilbertnomore says:

    Thread on a Battle Comp BABC and it becomes a different weapon. Recoil is straight back and not much more than an AR. My early RFB now has the Gen2 gas system and runs like a (bad) dream (for nasty recipients). Took it to the plinking range on Sunday afternoon with some Class 3 guys present with hardware. They were impressed. 7.62 next to 5.56 — no comparison. MSF

  5. Lanius says:

    So what about the alleged primer wipe issue?

    I have no idea why that is bad.. I mean, as long as you get your shot off and extract the case…

  6. Lanius says:

    Primer wipe is supposed to be the striker leaving a mark on the primer case, because it hasn’t retracted enough or something like that.

  7. gary smith says:

    Re the photo that leads this thread: Wouldn’t hot brass soon be dropping out of the “ejection port” onto the rifleman’s support hand?

    • Oleg Volk says:

      No, because of the casing guide built into the quad rail. Empties drop forward of the hand.

  8. Geoff says:

    Somewhat of an off-topic question, but is Jim related to Seth Gilliland? I went to high school with Seth and we both graduated class of 2000 at Edmonds-Woodway HS. The reason I ask is because Jim has strikingly-similar facial structure.

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