Another Kandros Custom pistol

Made by Chad Kandros.

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9 Responses to Another Kandros Custom pistol

  1. Scott J says:

    Are the grips his or purchased from another vendor?

  2. Greg says:

    That is Purty…

  3. Skip says:

    Why does every one have those stupid front slide serrations?
    Has anyone ever racked from there?

    • BtheBeast says:

      Yes. Guys I see at USPSA/IDPA matches rack using the front serrations all of the time. Same movement as slingshot-ing it, but using the front serrations.

      My biggest question about this pistol is how difficult is it to seat the magazine? It needs a bumper on the baseplate so it isn’t recessed past the magazine well.

      • Scott J says:

        One of the IDPA safety officers I used to shoot with in Alabama hates the front serrations. He says they’re a perforated hand waiting to happen.

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  5. BLADE says:

    Nice work Chad, the best thing about “Custom” is you can get it the way you want, front serrations or no front serrations, mag well or no mag well, rail or no rail, or even a bumper pad on the Mag to your own personal liking.

  6. Bene Barbosa says:

    Hello, my name is Bene Barbosa. I’m president of the “Movimento Viva Brasil”. I would like to congratulate you for your work. Your photos are widely used in Brazil against disarmament and arms control.

    about us:

    Sorry my bad english.

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