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Zombies, Werewolves, Vampires and More Common Threats, Too

Just in time for the holiday shopping season: the Triple Threat Kit. Stakes for vampires, silver-plated bullets for werewolves…which also work on zombies the old-fashioned ballistic way. Ammunition is loaded pretty hot and works best in Coonan pistols and strong … Continue reading

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New on CTD: Sweet Bleeding Zombies

Ever wondered how to fight off a zombie stripper? Wonder no more!

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Light your target before lighting it up.

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Ever wondered where all those Keltec rifles end up?

The zombies are hoarding them for the apocalypse. Preferred caliber is 300Blackout, of course. When the night of the living dead comes, they won’t have to stumble around hoping to snag a slow human. Why try to catch the brain … Continue reading

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When zombies come, I want her on my fire team

The target was at about 20 yards when she fired on it. The zombie now has four more eyes-sockets in its skull. Special Delivery target | Walther P22 | TAC65 can The ear protection was against the noise made by … Continue reading

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Zombies, young and old

It’s never too late to turn into a zombie…or too early. Certain public schools may have this condition as their end goal.

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Keltec KSG, a fine hunting shotgun.

Clarification, a hunting shotgun for dangerous game. A wild boar might kill you, but only zombies can turn you undead with one bite. As an additional plus, the gun can be carried easily with one hand. The other arm would … Continue reading

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Mommy’s blue-eyed treasure

Some maternity pictures are more intense than usual.

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The zombie-maker

Tirzah and her pet zombies.

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The zombies are here!

Braaaaaaains! (Other parts would do in a pinch.)

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More Dragoncon characters

Writer Kevin Evans Atlanta street zombie…not to be confused with a typical Chicago voter.

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Back from Dragoncon

Had a good time with Madmike, Wing, Montieth and other friends. I mostly just relaxed and kicked back. Most of the panel discussions didn’t interest me much, but small group and one on one conversations after hours were fun. Met … Continue reading

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